Fandible Picks of the Month July 2015

FandibleFeaturedWelcome to the newest Fandible feature – Fandible Picks of the Month! Every month, members of the Fandible crew will tell you about the newest and coolest things we’ve discovered, sharing the wealth with you. Keep reading for new books, podcasts, and online entertainment to look out for.

Fandible Picks of the Month July 2015

Listen Money Matters Podcast

When I was young, I believed that money was some magical resource that sprang from imposing beings called parents. They provided me this green paper of the gods and I was able to buy things that I really wanted like toys, comics, and wonderful cavity-causing snacks. Sadly, as an adult, I began to realize that money was earned and to properly manage it was a bit of a trial. That why I’m thankful my little brother, who himself isn’t the best with the magical green paper, let me know about Listen Money Matters, an entertaining podcast about dealing with your money. Not only does it give awesome financial advice for a struggling adult like myself, but they bring in interesting guests to talk about everything from the IRS to how the gold standard works. Want to know how money works in our society but don’t want to sleep through an economics course? Give them a listen and put down that 500 dollars Star Wars figure you were considering. You know who you are. -Jesus

Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond

While I’m eagerly awaiting my first big female superhero movie of our new golden age of superhero entertainment, Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond is doing an admirable job of satisfying my cravings. A YA novel set during Lois Lane’s teenage years, Lois is a military brat who has just moved to Metropolis and has promised her parents and herself that this time it’s going to be different and she’s not going to get into trouble. By page three she’s already in an argument about bullies with her new principal and offered a job as a student reporter at the Daily Planet by Perry White. There’s a bullying problem at Lois Lane’s new school, and there are few things she hates more than bullies. But the bullying takes on a terrifying dimension when they continue their reign of terror in a popular MMO, and have an unnerving ability to convert their victims into joining the team of the bullies. With the help of an online friend over in Smallville, Kansas, as well as her fellow student journalists, Lois must get to the bottom of this mystery. Lois Lane, cub reporter, is absolutely my new favorite superhero. This is set up to be the start of a new series starring Lois Lane, and I can’t wait for more of her adventures! -Angela

Paragon Chat

Three years ago, City of Heroes closed their doors to the superheroic community. This MMO had been going strong for eight years until one day the fans of the game woke up to the announcement that it was closing its doors on November 30th, 2012. Truly a sad day! Of course, petitions were signed and in-game protests were held to try to save the game! And while it looked like the community had garnered sympathy and support from the media, NCSoft still closed the game down. Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, and everything in between were lost.
Until now!
Paragon Chat allows you to enter City of Heroes, use the costume creator, and interact with people! You can emote, roleplay, or maybe just run around to your favorite spots in the game for the nostalgia! While you can’t fight or use powers, this is still a great accomplishment by the Paragon Chat team and it has gotten a lot of people excited since they’ve opened their doors. So, if you are a CoH fan out there that’s a little homesick, don’t hesitate to don a cape again, hail Arachnos, and download Paragon Chat.  -Billy

Sleep Furiously

My past few weeks, every time I pull out my phone, it’s not to check Facebook or fling some enraged avians at their emerald porcine nemeses. Instead, I’m eagerly creating sentences such as:

‘The algorithm chipmunks hauntingly stole the cats strength.’
‘Her innocent toilets prefer blue dinosaurs.’
‘The danger inside me jovially elevates lawless magic.’

Why am I scribbling gibberish sentences when I could instead be defending my village from a rival clan’s attacking hordes? I blame Sleep Furiously, a game for iOS and Android that’s become my new obsession. It’s a couple of bucks on the App Store or Google Play, and worth it, no In-App Purchases or any of the usual scuzzy annoying stuff, just pure surrealistic wordplay goodness. The idea behind the game is to use words from a grid to create grammatically correct sentences, even if they are otherwise nonsensical. The longer and more complex the sentence, the higher your score. You can play in ‘moves’ mode which only gives you a few sentences to rack up as many points as you can, or timed mode which does the same but with a time limit. Or, of course, endless mode for neverending dadaist strangeness. The game also works as a fun little warmup tool for writing, as it forces you to consider the different words as part of a sentence rather than by their actual meanings, giving a your brain a boost of lateral creativity. If you end up trying it out, post some of your best creations in the comments below! -Daniel

What are you listening to, reading, and playing this month?

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