FandiSummit 2017 Survey

Every year, Fandible makes an effort to set aside a day to discuss the future.

Sorry we didn’t see the perils of 2016 coming. Our bad, guys. Our bad.

So before we meet to discuss 2017, we want to hear from you. Yes, you, there, in the back. And the overeager girl in the front row already raising her hand. ALL of you.

You, the listeners, are why we’re here. We’ve been here for six years, which is pretty ancient in internet-years, and we want to make sure we’re still on the right course.

So please fill out the form below – or if you don’t see it (curse you google!) CLICK HERE to be taken to the FandiSummit 2017 survey.

Please remember, we ALWAYS want to hear from you. We’re always eager to respond to comments on the site, e-mails, and mentions on social media.

Thanks again for your feedback. Together, we’ll make 2017 a fabulous year!

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A city girl with midwestern roots, Angela has been on the internet for far too long. A geek of many stripes, when Angela isn't pretending to be a different person every weekend she can be found reading, writing (that novel will come out some day!), or preparing for her eventual life as a crazy cat woman. Angela also blogs about gaming at the blog Gaming as Women http:///

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