Four British pets must fight for their humans and the British empire against a truly bizarre invader.

Thanks to the players the Cult of Tea and Dice podcast for the British Episode Suggestion.

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8 comments on “Fate: The British Life of Pets

  1. Jamas Enright says:

    Okay, I have to mention. Aside from any house or specific rules you are using, in normal FATE:
    When you spend a FATE point, you then tap as aspect. Tapping the aspect allows you to either add +2, or to reroll. You don’t spend a FATE point to just reroll, you need to tap. [And, of course, you can’t use that aspect again until you refresh.]
    You can straight spend a FATE point for a +1 without needing to tap, for those times when you are low on untapped aspects or just need a point or two.

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Ok, a few things:
    1. Every player having to pull 2-3 different accents in one game is a good way to pull a brain muscle (as we saw).
    2. Have ever suppressed a laugh so hard you almost crapped your pants?
    3. Have you?
    4. Fuck you, you magnificent bastards.

  3. Sam says:

    David I want you to know that because of the accent you picked for your “player” voice I now assume Dr. Clementine once played a pet themed fate game

    But seriously though I laughed so hard at this episode there as just so much great ridiculous humor

  4. Steve says:

    A couple things, because I am a pedant. If Fate you ‘tag’ aspects. You don’t tap them, they aren’t magic cards or booty. You can use an aspect as many times as you want, but cannot spend fate points on them more than once per roll. You can, however, use free invocations gained from create advantage actions without such a cap. Therefore if you had two free invokations you could use them to get a +4 and spend a fate point to bring that up to +6 from a single aspect. That aspect is only ‘used’ for that one roll.

    Refresh is a specific game mechanic where players get back fate points, typically at the beginning of the session. It has nothing to do with the number of times an aspect can be invoked. In addition, aspects are always true. Thus even when they are not invoked, they still hold narrative weight. Aspects can be ‘used’ for fictional positioning. Thus a high concept that declares you as a bird may grant you the ability to fly that a dog does not have.

    I’ve never heard of this fate point usage where you can spend for a +1 without an aspect to ‘tag’ (say it with me). Maybe it’s a rule I don’t remember, but I doubt it. It smacks of house rules to me, as does your whole ‘tap’ concept. Aspects are true statements. They can’t become ‘used’ for more than a single roll (and even then they are still true). If your GM taught you to play this way, you need to tell him to knock the shit off.

  5. Angela says:

    House rules are valid rules! It may not have been 100% accurate, but we already had so much going on, it aided in us keeping the game moving.

  6. William B Coffing says:


  7. Helseth says:

    Heh Loved the episode, are the Cult of Tea and Dice going to try to affect an American accent?
    Also is this the first time Angela’s played a male character as a PC? Most Peahen don’t get a train…

  8. William Coffing says:

    They already did! On my phone so I don’t have the link to there amazing silliness. They threw down the gauntlet. We answered it.

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