Five Webcomics to help you with the 2017 winter blues.

With the cold heart of winter coming soon to bathe you in freezing death, I, in my mercy, have decided to give you guys 5 more webcomics to help get you through the winter blues. #Blessed!

Rising Sand

Taking place in an sci-fantasy world of endless sand and strange civilizations, this comic tells the story of a young girl and her monk companion as they travel between cities. The gorgeous art instantly reminded me of the RPG Numenera. It conveying the style of advanced technology and primitive know-how which combines into a fairly impressive whole. I can definitely imagine the characters from our Numenera game walking through one of these cities purchasing strange artifacts from a vendor in one of its panels. Plus, it brings with it a strange mythology that I can’t wait to learn more about as the story unfolds.  


For a dose of dark humor, you might want to to try out Buni. A silent comic about the life of a lovelorn bunny named Buni living in an absurd world, you both laugh and cringe at the horrible things that happen to his character. The delusional Buni lives in a fantasy world of his own making while reality constantly asserts itself in the most horrible ways possible.  

Zebra Girl


Originally a comedic webcomic about a mild mannered college graduate who was suddenly transformed into a demon, it slowly turned into a wonderful urban fantasy series where every character eventually find their own supernatural niche (wizard, werewolf, talking book, etc). The tone instantly reminds me of RPG’s like the Chronicles of Darkness as you dive deep into a world of dark creatures and malevolent forces that live just beyond human perception. Plus, the art is perfect for the series. The author uses black and white drawings to help convey a dark world that humans are unlucky enough to live in.  

Bug Martini

If you want a funny look at the little things in life, you might want to check out Bug Martini. In this comic, the author thinks up important ideas like Kids soliciting for school activities would do much better with liquor licenses, and then he spends the next few panels explaining his rationale in the funniest way possible. Great if you want to read a little absurdity to help lighten up your day.


Want a little commentary on depression, society, and other topics in your webcomic? You might want to consider Owlturd. It is a funny comic that never fails to give you a laugh while also commenting on various aspects of our lives in a modern society. Whether that be impostor syndrome, tribalism, or any of the other myriad things society has inflicted upon our psyche. Give it a read if you want a comic that makes you laugh while also making you think.  

I hope these webcomics help keep you warm as the cold threatens your very soul. And if not, please leave us a comment or a like on twitter before you leave the mortal coil. We would really appreciate it.

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