Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 2

5 Geeks, one round(ish) table. Sit awhile and listen as we talk about everything from Star Wars, how gaming has changed our lives and our most hated movies. As well as whatever random stories that pop into our heads.

Some of the items mentioned:

Sammy Davis Jr. Japanese Commercial
BloodRayne Writer Interview
A Couple of Geeks Movie episode

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1 comment on “Geeky Topics Round Table Ep 2

  1. Ian says:

    In KOTOR 2, it is known that the old sith were far more powerful and fewer in the manipulating of the force rather than mass production. In the fluff, the sith trained as much if not more than regular jedi.Both organizations control power, in one world you cannot have two utopias, ergo one is dystopian and false.

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