GTRT Ep 12: New GM Advice, Non-Fandible activities and Our Favorite Boardgames.

FandibleFeatured5 Geeks, One Roundish Table. In this session of Geeky Topics Round Table, the crew discusses advice for new GM’s, what we do when we can’t role-play, our favorite board-games, and questions for our audience.

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8 comments on “GTRT Ep 12: New GM Advice, Non-Fandible activities and Our Favorite Boardgames.

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Answers to the Qs:

    Billy’s: A Savage Heroes Tale from Hollow Earth (as in a One Shot/Simultaneous Adventure featuring character indigenous to the Hollow Earth) or Monster Hearts.

    Jesus: Unhallowed Metropolis/Most of the Supernatural Games (too soon to tell with ShadowRunners…)

    Billy’s Other Q: Dr. Charles Israel, because if these where his zombies he’d be cackling on a rooftop 3 blocks down. All the more reason why, in another life, he may be haunted by some past misdeed involving the Thule Society; why he could very well be found questing, hunting, for the scarred Hermit of the North Pole. After all, can’t be the only one who always thought that the “Good” “Doctor” is using a fake name…

    Daniel: Still need to see Sleepy Hollow…Agents of SHIEL- no, nm; you could just file the serial numbers off a Supernatural game and get that… Sleepy Hollow? How to Train your Dragon (Dragon Lance for Kidz)?

    Angela Q2: Please name the episode that the Ink Monster Originated (I finally found it, but I can’t have been the only one who was super lost).

  2. @nevillem says:

    Answer time!

    Angela’s: whoever buys the liquor.

    Jesus’: Unhallowed metropolis. Great chemistry between the characters. Shadowrun is a close second.

    Billy 1: Would love to see call of Cthulhu, mostly because I’m morbidly curious as to how your characters would act in the Lovecraftian world.

    Billy 2: Dr. Charles Israel. He could work in almost any setting. In shadowrun he’s the street doc you only go to if you’re absolutely certain death isn’t a better option. In any of the superhero games he’s the mad scientists who, inexplicably, is a good guy. Well, good-ish.

  3. CalmeIshma3l says:

    Holy Crap, shamed this didn’t occuer to me as a game to play but the Dresden Files Fiasco Playset!

  4. AKBearmace says:

    I know you mentioned it as a joke, but the Laundry was honestly one of my favorite recordings you guys have ever done…I still cant listen to that while flying because my fellow passengers give me the weirdest looks while I’m rolling around in my seat laughing (even more than i usually do with you guys)

    I would love to see a game set in the Changeling setting for nwod

  5. JaredFromTacoma says:

    Angela #1: That’s like asking a parent which one of their “special needs” children annoy them the least. You just don’t answer it. Not honestly, anyway.

    Billy: I woul like to hear some of the other splats from nWoD, or if you can’t get yourself to try them out, and knowing you were such a fan of Masquerade, I’d settle with that.

    Jesus: Easily Unhallowed Metropolis, considering how well developed each character is, and how developed the setting is. I feel like all of you individually and as a group are on your A game in the Neo Victorian era.

    David: See the answer to Angela’s first question? Now add “…and which one of their imaginary friends is your favorite?” -_-

    But really, if I had to pick just one… Byron Clayton. For a character who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, he is easily one of the most entertaining characters I’ve ever heard. And he could easily be plopped into the Hollow Earth as the annoying NOC we need to rescue, especially if Moira wasn’t around to keep him from getting into trouble.

    Daniel: Well I have two answers. Either Deus Ex circa Human Revolution (though ShadowRun more or less covers this setting) or Borderlands. Both video games, both already have rpg elements, both have huge potential for a table-top role playing game, and both I feel would match Fandibles signature tonality when it comes to how they run the game.

  6. Steampunk_Druid says:

    David: Have you ever looked into the noir game called “A Dirty World”

  7. Syren says:

    BACK FROM THE OCEAN, and catching up with the fanditude. We need more drunken rap battle. Somebody put that in the cutting room table mass I got.

    Angela) David. If I can think back to something David has always been very highly theatrical, bringing more of a framing mindset to the way he plays his characters and describes his backdrop. Which infected the rest of you and the more he was present the more you all became more detail oriented. This isn’t to say there was none before, but I feel like it really grew with him.

    Billy) Don’t Rest Your Head, been definitely harping on it for a while.

    Jesus) I’m always unusually impressed by how well the characters make something of themselves in a Billyverse game. You often throw them together with almost no reason for them to be able to interact at the level they do short of whatever horror that Billy suddenly introduced, but it comes across really solid and dramatic. Full and believable. So yeah, give me a ticket to the Billyverse.

    David) Chad from Part Time Gods serving as a gender bent Queen character in Monsterheats who only gathers Nerds around him.

    Daniel) The efforts of your elephant transfiguration are impressive. But to be serious Alpha Protocol, I’ve always wanted to have a real solid sort of mechanic to play spy stuff, Eclipse Phase sorta brought it up but since it is hard sci fi it isn’t quite what I am looking for. But something to play up spywork and national and corporate intrigue in a modern day setting would really scratch my back.

    AngelaDos)I have been in this for a minute so I don’t think I’ve missed anything.

  8. Mawdrigen says:

    Slowly catching up on all podcasts (I’ve listened to ten years of cthulhu podcasts as ‘research’!) I’m totally with David Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror are awesome.

    For a similar but easier game, Touch of Evil is good.

    Betrayal at house on the hill is a cult favourite, although Madame zostera the wonky gypsy is allllways the traitor!

    Cards against humanity we’ve actually played on air, but I drank about half a litre of Cointreau so i don’t remember how it went!


    Billy’s: Qin the warring States.
    Jesus: hex
    David: Moira, sister repentia in dark heresy taking vengeance on those who killed her inquisitor.
    Daniel: Neverwhere…

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