GTRT EP 15: Fate, Character aspects, and Shipping.

FandibleFeatured5 Geeks, one roundish table. In this week’s Geeky Topics Round Table, we discuss Fate, Aspects of ourselves in our characters, and our ultimate shipping choices.

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4 comments on “GTRT EP 15: Fate, Character aspects, and Shipping.

  1. Spencinator says:

    I gotta admit David caught my interest when he talked about his conservative talk show host superhero, because it sounds a lot like Shepard from your guys’ Rotted Capes game (who I love, btw)

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve always thought the opposite of Fate. I’ve never really had a problem in character creation, granted I use the FATE Core model of five aspects because any more exhausts creativity. Out of curiosity, what supers hack were you guys attempting to use?

  3. Lucek says:

    I guess it’s my turn to be Kevin Smith.

  4. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Re: GTRT theme music – have you contacted We Are 3 and asked them if you could use one of their tunes? They happen to have one called ‘Fandible’ that might interest you:

    BTW, who would you ship with El Fandi (currently the highest-ranking bullfighter in all of Spain)? Perhaps Kristen Bell? That way, you could have a super-popular TV show about a bunch of teenage bullfighters solving crimes while attending a Spanish high school, with the main (possibly canon) OTP called El Fandi-Bell.

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