GTRT Ep 8: Biblical Roleplaying, NPC Oversaturation & Game Reboots

FandibleFeatured5 Geeks, one roundish table. In this sessions of Geeky Topics Round Table, we discuss what parts of the bible would make great role playing games, what to do with a tide of NPC’s you need to keep track of, games we think should be rebooted, and our dominatrix persona’s.

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10 comments on “GTRT Ep 8: Biblical Roleplaying, NPC Oversaturation & Game Reboots

  1. Nate says:

    BIBLICAL FIASCO! YES! Blasphelicious!

    Also: I feel your pain, Daniel. I am all for “Summon Bear”, myself.

  2. Honeybear says:

    A friend found an old testament rpg, if I rememeber correctly one of the skills was begotting, so… sex move?
    It might have been Testament from Green Ronin.

  3. Thanak Drahz says:

    Interesting round of subjects and opinions, especially at the end there. Very…interesting.
    If you guys find a system you’re comfortable with for continuing Part Time Gods I would love to hear more from that story and those characters.

  4. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Part Time Gods’ original system might be something to look into. Like we said, we know the guy reworked some of the book. Maybe we’ll be able to make it functional for us.

  5. David Stoddard says:

    D20 had a supplement called Testament

  6. Syren says:

    I’ve heard good things about Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish Granting Engine, but unlike some other suggestions I’ve made I actually never played it.

    It us supposed to meet a sort of middle ground between hooge codmic powa, and slice of life simplicity. You’ll probably need to stare at it a moment as it has its own setting but isn’t supposed to be hard to modify it to your own. Totally diceless with some kind of economy system for all conflicts so it might take some getting used to but I think you folks got a handle on it.

    Now I must make time to actually listen to the episode.

  7. Syren says:

    And done. F8rst off I’d go by Him(said with flat inflection and isolated phrasing so everyone knows who it is in reference to) And I’d be dressed in almost restrictive Victorian inspired dress in dark blue with a pair of large barely dressed men to carry me on a small palanquin, and a third to be blindfolded and serve as my step off and footrest. Be some wages for the three of them but totally worth it.

    Second for a game with the Bible as a noted part I third Dogs in the Vineyard, D Vincent Baker’s letter to his Mormon past. It is actually not post apocalyptic(that’d be his other game Apocalypse World Jesus) but actually takes place in the Old West, where you and the other players play as Gods Watchdogs whom deliver the mail and assure all the good Mormon townships are keeping the faith. The act of doing so can be pretty fucking harrowing to both players and their characters as your modern morality is forced to look at purist Mormon dogma and mythology. And the more supernatural you make it the more your characters are in the right, which is even fucking scarier. The less you make it the more you open the doubts of the faithful in your characters as their deeds to keep the peace get darker.

    It is pretty intense.

    I also second an Arcanum reboot, I love the game so much it hurts and I’d dig seeing it back under production, rebalanced, and conducted with some modern flair. It was brilliant the first time, so I expect so much g0od if it ever came back.

    Uhh, and my favorite NPC is prolly Kendra from the Billy one shot where you were imaginary friends. I dig centralized NPCs. Someone the players invest in.

    And tp rebirth I say starting up your Dark Heresy Campaign in Black Crusade, to see how dark you can make the Theodorus Heresy.

  8. Euphaleric says:

    “Pulling a Honey Branch”

    I almost had to give the christmas Shadowrun game this label.

    I was listening to that on a road trip down to Florida and my buddy kept telling me to shut up because I was laughing so hard.

  9. Raven says:

    OWOD Changeling was the worst thing EVER!

  10. Billy says:

    Them fighting words to David and Dan!

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