GTRT Ep 9: WOD MMO, Inspiration for Games and the Death of Star Wars.

FandibleFeatured5 4 geeks, one roundish table. This week we discuss the fall of the World of Darkness MMO, what stuff inspires our games, and whether we should put a bullet in Star Wars.

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6 comments on “GTRT Ep 9: WOD MMO, Inspiration for Games and the Death of Star Wars.

  1. Syren says:

    Music is my biggest inspiration really, I spend whole evenings grabbing all the characters I have made or my players are working with and make them into an anime-style opening sequence under like 50 different musical numbers trying to find one that fits the tone that I desire.

    I’m all about the new movies, and refuse to allow this scene to die. Until it destroys itself in a blaze of awful.

    I’ll remind you Angela that slaveleia strangled Jabba the Hutt to death with her own slave chain. That’s pretty intense even for the lowest level.

    I desire a character who seeks to present humanism and neutrality in the force. Jedi are emotionless monks in practice, Sith are arrogant blackguards. I just want someone who could approach the force with pragmatism and grace. Maybe even logic.

  2. Jake says:

    Well, I’ve subscribed to @EmrgencyKittens. That’ll brighten up my day!

    Also as horrible as the prequel movies were, I don’t think it’s time to give up on Star Wars yet. Even if they’re terrible, fans can always repurpose it into something better. The Phantom Re-Edit turned Episode I into a fairly strong movie, and the entire prequel series has been turned into a fantastically wonderful D&D campaign:

  3. this was an interesting conversation about the defunct WOD MMO, your discussion gave me some ideas about how to further develop my own Second Life based vampire simulation Progeny Vampire which is based loosely on old VtM

  4. Katsushiro says:

    Ooh. I haven’t gone into Second Life in ages except to occasionally fly around as a steampunk robot, because who *doesn’t* want to fly around as a steampunk robot sometimes? I might have to check out Progeny Vampire! Also, thanks for listening, lachiel.vaher. 😀

  5. John Drake says:

    Damn, have you guys seen some of the World of Darkness MMO alpha test screenshot and manual leaks that have been floating around the web recently? I was kinda leery about a WoD MMO but after reading through the manual I’m truly lamenting the lost of that potential. I found it interesting that there was a way to permanently kill vampires who lost all their Humanity points and force them to have to delete their character. At least there was that encouragement for players to keep up the Masquerade and not just act like psychopaths. Seems Brujah, Toreador, Tremere
    , and Venture were going to be the clans available during the early testing phases.

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