Kickstarter Interview: Die Laughing!

Billy sits down with Craig Cambell of Nerdburger Games and the Nerdburger Podcast to discuss his latest Kickstarter -  Die Laughing! Die Laughing’s Kickstarter ends on November 21st! Don’t miss out on bringing this game to life!

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“Dance of Deception” Kevin MacLeod (
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The Baron

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1 comment on “Kickstarter Interview: Die Laughing!

  1. Kevin S. says:

    I was the survivor of the Die Laughing game Billy was in at AcadeCon (Yes, the loot bags with business cards worked). I played the game at two Acadecons in a row. I stumbled into it last year and made sure to sign up for it this year. It’s a lot of fun even if you’re only vaguely familiar with the horror genre.

    I don’t remember hearing this on the interview, but I believe a PDF of the preview edition is available for free at DriveThruRPG, so you can check out an abbreviated version of the game before deciding to back it. You don’t have to just take our word that it’s awesome.

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