Longshot Ep 51 Plus Year of Longshot GTRT

As a way to celebrate one year of Longshot Numenera, here is a extra long Numenera Episode plus a attached Numenera themed GTRT. Enjoy!

Running for all their worth, the travelers must escape the unwelcome mandible of a persistent foe.

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3 comments on “Longshot Ep 51 Plus Year of Longshot GTRT

  1. Fairystail says:

    Hey guys just about the GTRT (really, really need to catch up on Numenera one day):
    -First of all. Fuck you David, never read the books written by the author of American Gods but how dare you not like his writing style! How dare you!
    Wow typing it out makes it look a lot less sarcastic than I meant.

    -Also just wanted to say about the comment where you said you guys feel the need to actually learn the mechanics very well and do all of this stuff to improve the quality because Fandible is sort of becoming a product to you now and you want to give all your listeners a great product, well I can’t speak for everyone else but I personally never minded that you guys aren’t always consistent with the rules. I remember the fight between Moira and that aged Mourner in Unhallowed Metropolis and the entire time I was going, “yeah, these guys are doing this wrong” however it was always followed by “but who cares, if they followed the rules exactly then this wouldn’t be as bad ass of a fight, Moira I think would be dead straight away and it would have just been pathetic (unless Jesus fudged the dice)” so while you guys don’t always follow or know all the rules, I think sometimes it is better off that way.

    -Also as to what Billy was saying about being organized, personally don’t think you guys seem organized but I also don’t think you guys are Unorganized, more that you guys are in the comfortable middle area, sure you could be better but it’s not a big deal.

    -And last of all, the most important question of them all. Taco Bell. We don’t actually have Taco Bell in New Zealand but I assume it’s like every greasy mexican food place i’ve ever been to so my DnD class idea is the Dragon Shaman from 3.5. Basically the class get’s uses of Dragon Breath Attacks and can choose several, gaining more as it gains levels. Taco Bell would stick with only one, the poison cloud variety that instead of being breathed through the mouth like usual, exits via the basement.
    Or the would just copy the South Park game and somehow make a necromancer.

    Well that is all just my opinion, I don’t know what anyone else thinks but just figured i’d share.

  2. Sam says:

    I don’t see you guys as being particularly organized, but I agree with Fairystale in that you’re not actually disorganized. Your site does look fantastic though, so that adds to the organized facade.

    As for the rules they’re honestly not a big deal most of the time, as long as it’s not interfering with your ability to play a game then it’s all good.

    About the actual episode: let me just say that I think the only thing David enjoyed more that setting up all the levels of Tagos’ bullshit was having it all fall apart in like 2 scenes.

  3. Captain Red Ram says:

    Yeah you guys hit a good level of seeming organized. For rules I do notice from time to time but the story ends up trumping rules.

    I don’t think I would have caught up as quick as I did for the Numenera game if it wasn’t for me talking to Sam. I went from ep 17 to 49 in maybe a week. It makes it more enjoyable knowing that I can discuss whats going on with another fan of the series.

    I love that Tagos’ web of lies fell apart. I love the “Clever” trait, it leads to such a fun character. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

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