Monster of the Week: Hosted Evil 2 of 2

With time running short, the team must do what they can to stop a con from turning into a real life horror movie.

Intro Music: Motherlode by Kevin Macloed. Purchase it here.

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3 comments on “Monster of the Week: Hosted Evil 2 of 2

  1. Green says:

    That was a fun episode. I know your final assessment was that it wasn’t fantastic for the group, but about midway through I was wondering how these characters (or types of characters) would do against a less serious tone of the Billyverse.

    *group deals with the Honeybranch situation with copious amounts of fire*

    !GolemBilly: I hope none of the authorities notice the smoke on the water.


  2. Mawdrigen says:

    Yeah I could kinda feel that the game wasn’t really working for you by the end there, it just seemed a bit like the deadliness wasn’t being countered by the character awesomeness; after all it’s fine to lose a character if they feel they’ve been awesome!

    Loved the Darkness Channelling and the clumsy mundane!

    What would be your requirements for a perfect plug and play horror game though?

  3. Jake says:

    Until recently I was only familiar with Dungeon World (and Monster Hearts from this Podcast), so it was surprising to me just how deadly Apocalypse World is sometimes. I like systems where combat feels dangerous, or at least that you can’t just soak up massive amounts of damage until you hit the cut-off death point, but it’s that same sort of shock that you can get hit twice if you’re lucky before you die.

    That was definitely very Supernatural though. The series’ chosen one, and the person who has angel-like wings gets to survive while everyone else they work with dies.

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