Numenera Short Story: The Goddess

The Following Short Story takes place after Episode 101 of the Numenera Longshot Campaign.

On a quiet field near a waterfall, an old woman sits contently. Her tanned and calloused hands delicately grasping a small blue teacup. A teacup born of materials and crafted with techniques that were ancient when the oldest mountain in the ninth world was an annoying bump on a long forgotten road.

The old woman known, at least in this century, as Glenessa enjoyed the sound of falling water upon rocks and wind flowing through thin grass. Living in that quiet moment until she felt the presence of another. The intruder shaking her out of her revelry.

“I know you’re there.” She sighed. A small note of annoyance in her voice. “That trick stopped working on me a long time ago.”

In a small corner of the field, The Presence popped into reality. Shapeless and translucent, it casually moved towards the old woman. Sending her the emotional equivalent of a playful smile.

Glenessa rolled her eyes. Although she was slightly younger then The Presence, it felt at times that she was the eldest. The childish antics of The Presence making her feel more like an older sister then an equal.  

Still smiling, The Presence sent Glenessa a question. Its burst of emotions and thoughts asking for her thoughts on what transpired.

“I know just watching is your thing”, She answered. Ignoring the question. “But maybe you should get to know them a bit more personally. Like I do. It’s much more fun that way. And honestly, it helps give you a bit of perspective about why we do all of this?”

The Presence sent Glenessa the equivalent of a raised an eyebrow. Its curiosity apparent.  

“You ever wonder why we watch?” She asked. Glancing at the presence. “I think we watch because we’re jealous of them. They have such small segments of time. Small compared to us anyway. But because of it, everything feels so important. Every life saved. Every victory won. Every true death.”

“I sometimes wish”, she continued, staring down at her tea, “I could feel the same”.

The Presence quickly made its worry known. A emotional weight that seemed to bend the field and waterfall towards it. Which made Glenessa wave at it dismissively.

“Calm down” she said. Settling its nerves. “It’s just a passing thought. Its will be a long time before your finally rid of me.”

“Tell me”, she continued, still looking down at the colorful and ever shifting liquid within her cup, “what do you think of them?”  

The Presence considered this. And after a moment, perhaps to indulge Glenessa’s preference for the material, it decided to speak.

“As travelers go”, it rumbled, its voice seeming to come from every point in the room and from nowhere. “they are an interesting bunch. I think they will succeed.”

“At least,” The presence continued as it slowly faded out of time and space” I hope they do.”

Closing her eyes, Glenessa slowly raised her head and whispered, “I hope so too”, before she, the field, and the surrounding reality winked out of existence.

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