Pitfall: Dungeons & Dragons

Three adventurers search for a farmer’s most prized possession in this episode of Fandible Pitfall. Game: Dungeons & Dragons. Players: Katie Hammond, Chris Griggs, & Sarah Nowak.

The Players

Katie Hammond

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Shows: Vern, What Town the Musical, This is Your Life: The Musical; Broadways Next Hit Musical

Chris Griggs

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Shows: The Baldwins

Sarah Nowak

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Shows: The Baldwins; Eroticasaurus Podcast

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2 comments on “Pitfall: Dungeons & Dragons

  1. PhoenixScientist says:

    This was fun. I think you did a very good job meeting these newbies where they are at.

  2. Billy says:

    What a fantastic run! These people have a lot of skill – you did a great job guiding them through D&D!

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