Pitfall: Star Trek Adventures

On a shakedown run, the crew of the USS Mccoy detect a strange burst of tetryon radiation from a supposedly uninhabited star system. Players: Langston Belton; Heather Jewels Booth; Matthew Gametime Jones; Joel Shaughnessy

The Players

Langston Belton

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Shows: Earths Mightiest Show

Heather Jewels Booth

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Shows: Red Shirts; Musical Improv Festival; TheArmoryComedy

Matthew Gametime Jones

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Joel Shaughnessy

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Shows: TheArmoryComedy

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2 comments on “Pitfall: Star Trek Adventures

  1. Dean Bailey says:

    Having 4 girls (Aged 2 to 14) I can so relate to Joel’s reason for playing. So relate.

  2. Billy says:

    Hot damn! What a hilarious group! I would love to game with this talent at some point! They were killing me!

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