Rotted Capes Short Story: IGNORE ME!
Origin Art by Gareth Simpson. The wound and new, torn symbol is added on.

32.82.1096.456 of the Universal Calendar
1638 Earth days since landing on the planet earth.

4:00:00 am
Action: End of self-diagnostic scan.
Observation: No abnormalities found.

4:00:01 am
Begin transmission to Zanon Empire.

5:00:00 am
End Transmission to Zanon Empire.
Observation: No return message found.
Hypothesis: Signal blocked by outside force.
Action: Continue observations of future subjects of Zanon empire.

6:10:00 am
New location
: Fuel Depot.
Human Designation = Cafeteria.
Observation: Human residents consuming various chemicals necessary for the continuation of biological processes.
Action: Continue Recording.

11:05:00 am
New location: Larvae containment area.
Human designation = Nursery.
Observation: Larvae caretaker Denise leaves her duty of corralling larvae to speak with potential mate Chad.
Action: Continue recording.

11:07:00 am
Various Larvae climbing unit Heavy Metal.
Action: Play Audio File “IGNORE ME”.
Observation: Larvae continue climbing unit Heavy Metal.
Action: Continue Recording.

11:10:00  am
2 earth-year-old larvae Steven moves towards nearby
 heating unit.
Action: Continue Recording.

Subject Change.
New Subject = Heating Unit.
Complication: View of subject Heating Unit blocked by larvae Steven.
Action: Move larvae, Steven, away from Heating Unit
Heating unit now unblocked.
Action: Continue Recording.

Subject change.
New Subject =  Human Larvae.
Action: Continue Recording.

Larvae caretaker Denise returns to Larvae containment area.
Action: Move towards next location. 

New Location:
Lower class confinement area.
Human Designation = Havenville.
New Subject =  Harley
Observation: Harley directing stitching of various cloths to craft larger covering. 
Observation: Harley utilizes various stitches unknown to Zanon empire. 
Observation: Harley hands unit Heavy Metal two separate pieces of cloth.
Action: Begin Audio file “IGNORE ME”
Observation: Harley retrieves the combined piece of cloth from unit Heavy Metal.
Action: Continue Recording. 

1:00:00 pm
New Location:
Recycling Center
Human Designation = Clinic.
New Subject:  Shepard
Observation: Despite multiple injuries that would have killed 79% of the remaining human population. Subject Shepard has not died.
Hypothesis: Lack of regenerative or physical enhancements indicate subject Shepard too stubborn to die.
Action: Continue Recording. 

2:39:00 pm
New Location:
Command and Control Center
Human Designation = Wanda’s office. 
Observation: Subjects Andrew Westin & Wanda Ludivine speaking of logistics of combining their two organizations. Estimate a 95% chance of failure. 
Action: Continue Recording.

4:30:17 pm
New Location:
Bodily Fluid Excretion Center
Human designation = Bathroom. 
New Subject: Andy
Observation: Subject Andy unable to release wastes. 
Observation: Subject Andy frequently looks in direction of unit Heavy Metal.
Hypothesis: Subject Andy may be unable to release waste due to the presence of unit Heavy metal.
Action: Begin Audio file “IGNORE ME”.
Action: Continue recording.

5:00:00 pm
New Location:
Body Enhancement and Chemical Consumption center.
Human Designation = Gym.
New Subject: Roger 
Observation: Subject Roger showing aggressive displays at unit Heavy Metal. 
Hypothesis: Subject Roger displaying dominance to impress fellow humans under his power network. 
Action: Begin Audio File “IGNORE ME”.
Modification: Set speaker volume to maximum.
Observation: Subject Roger and followers losing significant amounts of blood through eyes and ears.
Action: Continue recording.
Action: Place recording in active memory for later use. 

12:35:43 am
New Location: Liquid exchange center. 
Human Designation = Bedroom.
Observation: Subjects Lisa and Phil attempting a human mating ritual.
Observation: Subject Lisa and Phil unable to consummate mating ritual despite adequate illumination from unit Heavy Metal’s stealth mode flashlights. 
Hypothesis: Mating may be interrupted by Subject Heavy Metal.
Action: Begin Audio File “IGNORE ME”.
Action: Continue Recording.

3:00:00 am
Action: Begin Self Diagnostic scan.
Action: Play file “Roger”.

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1 comment on “Rotted Capes Short Story: IGNORE ME!

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Lol, That’s a fun game, and I know the mechanics give y’all sass; but it’s a fun goddamn game to listen to 🙂

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