Shadowrun Other Stories

Single session games set in the Shadowrun Universe

Shadowrun: Foot Pro Quo 2 of 2

As the problems of the night shift start to pile up, a chilling worst-case scenario becomes ever more possible: The security team of Foot Pro Quo might actually have...

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Shadowrun: Foot Pro Quo 1 of 2

In the small company of Foot Pro Quo, security is relegated to those who don't have many employment options. When a boring night turns strange, it's up to the...

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Shadowrun: Two Days ‘Till Retirement 2 of 2

Having hastily made their preparations for the night, the Lonestar officers meet at the edge of The Redmond Barrens to make last minute plans. With time running out, will...

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Shadowrun: Two Days ‘Till Retirement 1 of 2

For our five hundredth Friday episode we return to the world of Shadowrun, where four Seattle cops find their worlds turned upside-down when the corporation they work for loses...

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