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FanditoasterOne of the biggest surprises the Fandible crew has received in a while is the idea that people like us enough to want to give us stuff. A fact that just blew our minds.

A few weeks ago Fandible fan Lucek contacted us and stated he wished to give us a gift for our roleplaying awesomeness. As well as jokingly (we thought) mention he would like to provide us with a toaster, because toast is a staple of the role-playing diet. Awaiting whatever gift Lucek wished to bestow, we got a box in the mail, containing two games Lucek and others had mentioned previously. Kingdom of Nothing, the game of magic Hobos in the big city, and Don’t Rest your Head, because Lucek obviously believes sleeping is a sin and wishes us nightmares for all eternity. Two great games that we will look over and consider because they seem like a great fit for the Fandible crew.

We also received the toaster, pictured above. Before deciding what to do with it, we decided to game  and started running our Rogue Trader session. As usually happens after a Rogue Trader game, we started to drink. No honestly, I started to drink and the crew politely followed. Now this isn’t because of any hatred of Rogue Trader. I love the universe after all. Its what the Fandible crew does that makes me want to drown my sorrows. A fact you will all understand when the game posts next month. I bet you can guess where my soul died just a little.

Either way, the drunken night led to the toaster being christened Sir FandiToaster, official toaster of the Fandible crew. We also gave him an evil mustache, for as we all know, evil toasters give the best toast. The toast of darkness. Also, the knife and red stuff, totally just kitchen preparation and not a bloody fruit sacrifice to our new toaster overlord. We swear.

Thanks for the games and the toaster Lucek and thanks for being a fan.

– The Fandible Crew

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About the Author
Jesus “Arvandus” Rodriguez is the founder and website tweaker of the Fandible podcast. When he isn't out creating imaginary worlds for his players, he also runs a youtube channel where he writes short fiction in various fictional worlds.

8 comments on “Sir FandiToaster

  1. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    He’s a power gamer, but I like Professor FandiToast. I like to imagine he’s the mythical WAAAAAH toaster that Barsher keeps on accidentally creating.

  2. Gerry the russian says:

    I hope nobody important died. It’s what coused you to drink, isn’t it?

  3. Arvandus says:

    No Comment…..

  4. Lucek says:

    Glad you liked everything.

  5. Gerry the russian says:

    Oh, come on, tell us! Did Barsha accidentally decapitate Daniel Kunan? Did Quantus finally kill someone? Did someone of the players derail the plot beyond repair?

  6. Darkfire says:

    You should really give Don’t Rest Your Head a run in the future. It is a horror game yes but also can be hilariously funny as well due to the whole weirdness of the Mad City. It is definitely a good pick up game to run with the crew.

  7. Lucek says:

    Clearly I think they’re both great games, but yeah DRYH can get extremely silly. But the thing is even when it’s silly the inherent creepiness shines through (not the right word but darkens through doesn’t sound right).

  8. CallMeIshma3l says:

    I recently picked up DRYH, and creepiness is the right word choice. There isnt much in the Mad City that isn’t off putting. Oh, I’m not sure if you included the Power Expansion for DRYH Lucek, but it really cranks it up to 11.

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