SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 2×18

Time is running out for Castian Saayah on the Pulsar Quest. Forced to team up with an unstable pair, he rushes to beat the clock, recover the Handmaid’s Mirror, and make his payday.

Theme music: Tim Brown/Pond 5

Additional sounds from

Zyrtsounds, Synthwave, Shuinvy, Suonidibologna, Julien Nicolas, Plasterbrain, Adcbicycle, Soodesune, Kwahmah 02, Rutgermuller, Jetsmith88, UNFA, Klankbeeld, Gingie, Shinshi, Magedu, 3BagBrew, Sypherzent, Viertelnachvier, Fresco, JMehlFerber, Readeonly, IamGiorgio, Juskiddink, Soneproject, Timbre, PointParkCinema, OfItAll, Nooly, Metzik, The Funktasm, Soundholder, TheMinkMan, Amholma, JoelAudio, JorickHoofd, ScafferDavid, Mik300z, Rakurka, Lennyboy, Imbubec, DasRealzied, Deleted_User 3277771, Qubodup, Roman CGR, and Liamg SFX

Soloshot Episodes

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2 comments on “SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 2×18

  1. Shush says:

    Excellent as always! Great entertainment value throughout and the opera scene was inspired. Angela’s depravity… ahem, -creativity- knows no bounds

    Now for Shush’s Rules Check!

    It is present throughout the arc and I seem to recall it from previous episodes as well, so it sounds like it might be GM’s choice/preference to give Angela a chance to roll some dice, (because where is the fun in not rolling dice?) but modified competitive checks are being used instead of opposition checks for most Castian vs. NPC skill checks. (Examples: When negotiating with the Umbaran early in the episode and the Umbaran ambush at the climax.)

    Opposition checks are normally just rolled by the player using their relevant skill pool and the difficulty dice coming from their opponent’s skill pool. (Their greens becoming purples and their yellows becoming reds.)

    Competitive checks are done when two characters are competing for the same goal, or to see which person does something better. (Say running a race or finding out who makes the tastier dinner.) In competitive checks, both parties roll their skill pool and see who does better. I said modified earlier, because they are both still supposed to roll against a difficulty set by the GM.

    Relevant pages in the rule books:
    Edge of the Empire: pages 24 and 25.
    Age of Rebellion: pages 31 and 32.
    Force and Destiny: pages 32 and 33.

  2. Billy says:


    Thanks for keeping us honest! Read this to Angela and she says “Oh shit, I was using it in the first season but I totally forgot about it in the second season.” So thanks for the reminder. I personally enjoy giving Angela a chance to roll dice so I don’t think it was a big deal, but we’re going to be doing the Opposition checks more often now that you reminded us.

    Thanks for the blue dice suggestions from earlier – I’m been negotiating like mad for them since you told me I should!

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