SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×08

Upon meeting an old friend, Inquisitor Saaya engages in a long con, forced to go deeper undercover in order to seek his ultimate revenge.

Theme music: Tim Brown/
Additional sounds: danmitch3ll, peridactyloptrix //

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7 comments on “SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×08

  1. Fairystail says:

    Great episode as always, kinda bummed by how Castien reacted to the two boxes, he should embrace the rainbow!
    and I so wanted him to hold up the first object laughing maniacally.
    ah well maybe next time.

  2. CZGrey says:

    Is Saya meant to come across as being extremely pro human anti alien? Sometimes it kinda feels that way. Also massa an I wanna know what’s in that third box!

  3. William Coffing says:

    Great question!

    Saaya is… complicated. See, Saaya doesn’t like slavery but he’s pro Empire. So there needs to be a major disconnect in his mind since the Empire allows slavery. While he is happy that the Empire has banned human slavery , the back of his head nags at him saying ‘What about the alien slavery’. So in order to remedy this, Saaya tries to embrace the ‘pro-human agenda’.

    This doesn’t always work.

    So he’s someone trying to loudly preach what he wants to SO DESPERATELY believe in… but deep down, he knows it’s bullshit. But if he acknowledges it’s bullshit, then he acknowledges that the Empire aren’t the saviors he sees them as.

    So, is Saaya xenophobic? Short answer – yes. Long answer – Yes, but his xenophobia is more like him faking it until he makes it. Also, the darkside is feeding off this hope that the Empire is right so it’s also pushing him to ‘believe’ that humans are better.

    Again, this isn’t me ‘excusing’ Saaya. I’m just trying to play a person serving a broken system. And I want to show, in later episodes, how that affects a broken person like Saaaya.

    Hope that sort of makes sense?

  4. CZGrey says:

    Makes complete sense. And no need to excuse anything. I was curious because of how well the disconnect is played. Although, now I’m curious how that disconnect works when it comes to things like Order 66 and Vader?
    Does he, as essentially a version of a galactic Trump voter, just keep tuning out on the things obviously glaringly wrong along with thinking along the lines of “well the Jeri were obviously horrible look what they did to Palpatine
    ” ? Or is it more a matter of wanting to believe in the Empire itself like so many folks try so hard to believe in capitalism , or communism , or ‘Murica?

  5. William Coffing says:

    During Order 66, a Jedi Knight sold (hid) Castian into slavery. At some point he was rescued by the Empire. So, Castian was ripe to believe whatever was told to him. Castian was told that Order 66 happened because the Jedi tried to overthrow the government. That the Jedi started the whole war. Castian’s hate for a Jedi made him will to believe that all Jedi would be able to do something so horrible.

    Vader… he has no idea who Vader is underneath. He has no idea that the Jedi Temple was attacked suddenly. What he believes (and was told) was that the Jedi’s coup and assassination of Palpatine was stopped by Vader – a loyal servant. The Jedi made a retreat and the Troopers tried to arrest but the Jedis opted to go out fighting. Instead of surrendering, they all got themselves and the younglings killed.

    So, Castian just believes absolutely that whole story.

    Why is he okay with Palpatine’s regime? Well, the Empire banned human slavery. In Castian’s twisted logic (and it’s completely wrong), that was just the first step. Of course you can’t just end slavery! Imagine the economic collapse! So OF COURSE Palpatine would start with freeing humans before slowly working its way down to the aliens. Eventually, Palpatine and the Empire would make the galaxy completely slavery free!

    Freedom of speech? You mean Freedom of hate? The Jedis were able to make false news and bring the entire galaxy to a war they created! Of course you need to monitor the news and filter out what is real and what is fake.

    Surveillance state? Of course – the Jedi poisoned the galaxy. They still have people who are manipulated. Once the poison has run their course, the Empire will return privacy to the citizens. Everybody just needs to do their part!

    Palpatine iand Vader are using the darkside? Says who? The Force is a tool, not some moral scale! They are just using every tool at their disposal to bring peace to the galaxy…

    And so on and so on.

    Just a lot of bullshit in his mind that he’s willing to believe. This all stems from his hatred for the Jedi.

  6. CZGrey says:

    So he really is the Star Wars version of a MAGA supporter 😀 Well nothing like watching the opening Salvo of self realization hitting. Should be good, not that it isn’t already .

  7. Andante says:

    A bit late on this train (I like saving up podcasts and then binging them in sequence), and I’m loving the solo shot so far! I think this might be the first 1-player party actual play I’ve listened to, and it’s every bit as intense as I’d imagine it!

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