SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×11

Things are starting to shake up for Inquisitor Castian Saaya. Recovered from his wounds inflicted by Jedi Knight Ja’laar Keta, the Inquisition now has a new mission for him deep within the Coruscant Underworld.

Theme music: Tim Brown/
Additional sounds: Joshua Empyre, justkiddink, Lemoncreme, Setuniman//

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4 comments on “SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×11

  1. Doug says:

    Great Show! I’m loving these micro-episodes.

    Maybe Douj was just trying to do his part for the Empire. Back-flips and light-sticks are all dandy, but it’s good old fashioned police legwork which is going to close cases.

  2. Billy Coffing says:

    Don’t you defend yourself, Doug! I know it’s you!

  3. Captain Red Ram says:

    I’ve been really enjoying these soloshots. It feels like a mix of a actual play and an audio drama. The editing is fantastic and helps immerse you into the world. Castian has been an fun character to follow and works really well for the soloshot.

  4. Dean Bailey says:

    Working through the episodes and really enjoying them.

    I did have a brief vision of a scene in “the office” of an alternate future where Douj brings out a cake for a celebration and realizes that he has forgotten a knife, so Castian calmly pulls out the light sabre and carves it up 🙂

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