SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×17

Inquisitor Saayah continues his service to the Empire by searching for the mine’s data core, missing slavers, and renegade slaves.

Theme music: Tim Brown/
Additional sounds: Cell31_Sound_Productions, constructabeat, deleted_user_7146007, ivolipa, JarAxe, kwahmah,
montclairguy, primeval_polypod, Ramston, RSilveira_88, ryanconway, sicbm, snaginneb,
Sparrer, Sruddl1, Supercow8399, Swelk, unchaz, weaveofk//

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5 comments on “SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×17

  1. Sam says:

    I would like to thank whatever deity is presiding over Billy’s dice for picking the PERFECT time for a despair. That whole scene was amazing

  2. William Coffing says:

    When you are rolling against two reds, anyone can have David Dice 😀

    Actually, I am very happy with the freak out. As Angela said after the game “Well, this completely changes how the future of this entire campaign will be”.

  3. Fairystail says:

    Holy shite, at the rate this is going all I can see is Castien ending up curled in a corner, lost to reality around him.
    Damn I love the Solo Shot

  4. Fabian says:

    This series is pretty amazing. What makes it so special, I think, is the perfect synergy between Billy and Angela, collaborating to tell an interesting story of a Darksider’s tragic descent into madness and despair (or at least, that’s where this SEEMS to be going). It’s almost more of a performance than a role playing session.

  5. Angela says:

    Thank you everyone! We’re so glad you’re enjoying this little experiment. We’re in the middle of editing our final play session, so you’ll find out soon whether Castien ends up curled up in the corner or shapes up to proudly serve the Empire!

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