SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×20

Castian Saayah and the fugitive Jedi Master Mudonin must face off in a fight for their very lives. But even if they manage to escape the Empire, where in the Galaxy could they hide that would keep them safe? SEASON ONE FINALE.

Bonus: Mini-GTRT answering listener questions! Thanks for listening.

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25 comments on “SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 1×20

  1. Megan Tolentino says:

    I love SoloShot and hope we get a second season! Great job with a really great campaign!

  2. Machaeryx says:

    Really enjoying the SoloShot. The editing and sound effects make it feel on par with shows like Godsfall or Silhouette 0. You’ve both done amazing work with this, and that ending banter made me miss those A Couple of Geeks episodes from back in 2012.

  3. Fabian says:

    Actually, Billy, Thrawn is a Chiss, not a Pantoran! That means I’m the bigger Star Wars expert!

    *nasal laugh of triumph*

    Ahem, well, the only reason I know that is because I checked on the Star Wars wiki. I remember listening to that episode and thinking, “Ooh, is that Thrawn!?” but when he was described as a Pantoran, and after I checked on some Star Wars wiki and saw that Thrawn was another race entirely, I was disappointed a bit. But now I know it was Thrawn, so yay for that. I guess it does make sense that, with Thrawn disguising his eyes, Castian could have easily mistaken him for a Pantoran, as they are apparently much more common.

    Come to think of it, when it comes to the Extended Universe, there is some stuff I like, like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Daala, but I stopped reading a lot of those books some time in the 90’s because some authors forgot that they were supposed to have some wars in their Star Wars books. Maybe not necessarily a literal war, but some action rather than just the dry politics that so many Star Wars authors (and eventually even Lucas himself) succumbed to. Maybe the books got better, but me, I had my fill after a while.

  4. Captain Red Ram says:

    I’ve enjoyed season 1 and I think Castian is a great character. I look forward to season two.

  5. Billy says:

    … Oh, I know Thrawn is a Chiss. BUT Castian would have no idea what a Chiss is due to the fact that he’s not that in the know about the alien cultures out in Wild Space. And remember – the blue skinned man was wearing eye covering, so no eyes! Castian saw the blue skin and assumed Pantorian!

  6. Billy says:

    Oh, right. I needed to read the rest of your comment. Hah! Yeah, that’s exactly it. Actually, in the new Thrawn book just released, a lot of people think of him as a weird lookin’ Pantorian. It’s a pretty good read!

  7. Hands of Fate says:

    Hello there! First time commenter here, one glad that a little note in the Fandible poll asking for FF SW RPG hopefully contributed to the emergence of SoloShot.

    I deem the experiment a successful one.

    Please do continue the good work.

  8. Angela says:

    @Hands of Fate – Welcome! Yes, knowing there were people looking for more Star Wars was a contributing factor – thank you!

    @Machaeryx – Wow, blast from the past! I actually had that thought too while we were recording – but a weekly pop culture podcast is such a different beast from an AP where you can build up a backlog! So no more Couple of Geeks coming any time soon.

    @Megan, Fabian, Captain Red Ram – Thank you all for listening (and I know all of you have been around for awhile! Always glad to hear from you)

  9. Sam says:

    I’ve got to say I’ve really enjoyed this season of the Soloshot, you guys do such a good job with the stories and characters. Looking forward to hearing more!

  10. BlamedCat says:

    So this is my first time to comment and honestly I’m a new listener (thanks to @SilZeroChris). This campaign was awesome. I have to admit that you got me yelling, goosebumps, and sitting at the edge of my seat quite a few times throughout this campaign and I salute you for that. That’s great story-telling and I love how you present it 🙂

    You both did an amazing job and I really hope to hear more like this in the future.

  11. Flobio says:

    Great story! I’d love to hear a second season. Most of the AP I’ve been listening to have been more comedy based. I really liked the more serious tone of these episodes.

    I also found this series through @SilZeroChris.

  12. CallmeIshma3l says:


    When Castian Lied to Varus, I literally yelled (in my car) “You lying sack of shit!”. Till I actually thought about and could see how he got to that conclusion (even though it is bullshit).
    Point is, great series. Billy, in the anniversary GTRT, you mentioned you really buckled down to put work into this character, and it shows. You both really took advantage of that unlimited spot light time and have created (Billy)/facilitated (Angela) a very solid start to the long road of redemption.
    Would love for their to be a season 2, and if there is, I vote that Varus finds the holo recording of Castian screwing the pooch, cause that’s why her perfectly ordered, comfortable, and predictable life is ruined. It wasn’t a “misunderstanding”, it was Castian turning her into an unwilling accomplice just to cover his own ass.

  13. Jonathan V says:

    Here is a big rule that you have overlooked:

    ADVERSARY (From Force and Destiny Rule Book Page: 138)
    Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes Trees: NPC only
    Upgrade the difficulty of any combat check targeting this character once per rank of Adversary.

    Nemesis characters have this talent. It makes them very hard to hit and fight. This basically makes boss characters more interesting.

  14. Angela says:

    Jonathan: I did use the Adversary rules here! But as a Knight level character, Billy has some fantastic dice pools (and very good luck) that keep him kicking.

    And to everyone waiting for season 2…Billy and I are rested and recharged and will start playing this week! Look for S2 to start by November at the latest.

  15. Jonathan V says:

    Angela: But most of the time you made him roll only 2 purple when fighting a nemesis character instead of four purple since most nemesis’s have 2 in Adversary. Or maybe you did and didn’t mention it?

    I also noticed that you rarely ever upgrade rolls with dark side destiny points. Thinking about it, Billy almost never rolled any red die. You guys should try and get in the habit of using more destiny points. They are there to make the game more interesting!

  16. Angela says:

    We cut out a lot of the back and forth on what is actually being rolled, in favor of keeping combat flowing. And with only one player, there’s just not that many destiny points! The game works as a one player game, but it’s definitely not optimized for it.

  17. Jonathan V says:

    Ah, I see. Maybe you need some special house rule so there are more destiny points on the board. Like, make Billy roll twice when rolling for destiny points?

  18. Billy says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks for some good stuff here. We could use those a little more often but there is also the fact that a lot of editing goes into these. Sometimes, I will cut out things (such as destiny point uses) because it will have some weird audio issues or completely kills the momentum.

    I know I rolled a few red dice in the later episodes – one being the roll to keep myself from slaughtering the Trandos – didn’t work out so well. But you are right on the nemesis rules. We could use them a little more – but when there is only one player in the game, as Angela said, it’s a little more of a challenge. We’ve used Nemesis rules before with a larger group, and it is very helpful because it keeps the group from piling on attack after attack and bringing down Lord Vader in one round. When it’s justo ne vs. one, we felt it made some fights too difficult for Castian to even make a mark.

    That being said, I appreciate you reminding me about it. Season two is going to mean Castian is a little more powerful thus the nemesis rules will be helpful,

  19. Billy says:

    House rule, please! More destiny points for Angela means more destiny points for meeeee!

  20. Jonathan V says:

    Billy: Yes! More destiny points! Having to deal with 2-4 destiny points per session sounds painful!

    Will you guys be posting any of the character sheets? I would love to look through them. I am wondering how many critical wounds Saayah has at this point. If he doesn’t get serious medical treatment, he might end up dying!

  21. Billy says:

    Between sessions, we figured that he would have access to the best medical facilities. So, for season one, Saayah didn’t have to worry about critical wounds so much. Season Two will be an entirely different story, however. Saayah needs to be MUCH more careful because his wounds aren’t going to be easily fixed in the back alley chop-shops of Wild Space.

  22. Billy says:

    As for my character sheet – sure. We can get that up before season two!

  23. Jonathan V says:

    I’m curious, what is the total amount of EXP Saayah got in the first season? Did Billy get any extra EXP for good roleplaying?

  24. Billy says:

    I always do 😀 I think it was like 4 XP per session (not per episode.) Sometimes I’d get one more if Angela was feeling generous or if I did something pretty epic.

    So, I think in all… like 24 XP?

  25. Demond says:

    I’ve listened to a few Fandible APs, and these Soloshots has been my favorite so far. I binged Season One in about a week.
    I’m not curious about the FFG Star Wars games, but I don’t have a steady group. I thank you for filling the nerdy gap in my life

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