SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 2×10

Having escaped the Imperial Blockade, Lariss is desperate for supplies and finds that she might not possess the right tool to solve her problems.

Theme music: Tim Brown/Pond 5

Additional sounds: 211redman112, Ali_6868, Andrew Weathers, BenBonCan, ColtonManz, Coral Island Studios, CyrileneRossouw, DavidWorksOnline, Funhouse, Gwmx_Youtuber03, Jaraxe, Jaturo, JoelAudio, Kinoton, Kwahmah 02, Michelle Grobler, Mik300z, Ok1has, PointParkCinema, Primeval Polypod, Prjectsu012, Rhodesmas, Somesine, Splicesound, TheDonkey, Timbre, Vedas, Vialluri//

“Glass Smash, Bottle, C.wav” by InspectorJ of

Soloshot Episodes

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4 comments on “SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 2×10

  1. Fabian says:

    Most GM’s would be reluctant to let their players run a side story for their RPG, since they might angle for an advantage for themselves. But I’m sure that Angela knows that with Billy, Lariss’s survival is in no way guaranteed!

  2. Dean Bailey says:

    This is the second “play run side story” of Faniables (the other was the Rotted Capes one) and I have enjoyed both immensely, even though both are very different (RC is a new group in same world, this one is insight into a NPC/PC)

  3. Billy says:

    Hey Dean!

    Thanks for listening to the SoloShot. You’re flying through these! We appreciate the compliments and you giving us a shot. Keep us posted on how your binge is going!

  4. Dean Bailey says:

    Just finished the last one. need to find something else to listen to on the train and as I QA spreadsheets 🙁

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