SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny Q & A

Billy and Angela sit down to answer questions from our listeners! The SoloShot will return from its mid-season finale next week! 

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1 comment on “SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny Q & A

  1. Fabian says:

    I know I’ve talked a lot of smack on the Legends universe, but after seeing The Last Jedi, I can kind of see why you might prefer it to the new canon, Billy. When I first saw that movie, I was blown away. The special effects, plot twists, and incredible action sequences were overwhelming. However, once the initial euphoria faded away, I thought about what I saw in TLJ and, without going into specifics for the sake of anyone who hasn’t seen it, some of it really bothered me, and unfortunately tarnished my impressions of the film. I think the number one problem is that I don’t really feel as attached to the new cast of characters as I did to the old one.

    Roleplaying-wise, I don’t see much reason to play a game in the First Order era. The Clone Wars era had a lot of problems, of course, but it was its own distinct era, which the First Order era, sadly, is not. Why bother with the Tie Fighters and X-Wings of the new era when the Rebellion era is so much more fleshed out? And I feel like the new factions are a problem, too. If you wanted to play as the Resistance, the odds are more horrifically stacked against you than it was even with the Rebellion. Play as the First Order and your commanders are idiots liable to throw your life away due to their incompetence. It might make for a fun game of Fiasco, but maybe not Fantasy Flight’s RPG’s.

    Anyway, that’s enough complaining. I look forward to Castian’s inevitable showdown with Bubba Fett, the southern gentleman Mandalorian bounty hunter. Or maybe not.

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