In the world of Supernatural, hunters are the rarest of breeds. Ranging from do-gooders to psychopaths, they hunt everything from vampires to old gods themselves. Too bad they still have to deal with the local authorities and civilians who just don’t understand.

Supernatural: Tie Dyed Evil

The 70's. A time of love, peace, war, and tie-dyed clothing. Sadly, not even the brightest rainbow-colored fabric can protect against the monsters of this world. It might make...

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Supernatural: The Mothmeat Prophecies

Two hunters head to the town of Herminston, expecting the garden variety spook and maybe some nice dinner at the local deli. Instead, they find something a little more...

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Supernatural: Paint The Town Dead part 1 of 2

Investigating a possible vampire attack, five hunters realize that they stumbled into something much more dangerous and annoying.

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Supernatural: Paint The Town Dead part 2 of 2

Something is resurrecting different undead creatures into the town of Haverford. Will the five hunters figure out a way to stop it or find themselves a part of the...

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Supernatural: Red Scare

In 1950's america, three hunters head to a small town in Idaho to fight evil. What they discover makes them realize that even in the world of monster hunting,...

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