Supernatural: Paint The Town Dead part 2 of 2

Something is resurrecting different undead creatures into the town of Haverford. Will the five hunters figure out a way to stop it or find themselves a part of the undead parade.

Intro Music: Cool Rock by Kevin Macleod

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4 comments on “Supernatural: Paint The Town Dead part 2 of 2

  1. Jake says:

    Poor Emily, don’t you know that you don’t mourn the NPC, but immediately loot the body of everything remotely useful and then burn it so that no one can ask inconvenient questions about how they died? There’s no time for grief when Fandible’s around!

    This was an amazingly well put-together episode, and I’m hoping that now that the hunter group is down one RV, up one bank account and richly upholstered hunter lair, plus with a new mortal enemy that we can revisit the smuttiest town in America.

  2. Arvandus says:

    Oh, that little girl will be chasing them for decades.

  3. Warren says:

    Plenty of 80s music and delightfully dirty. What’s not to like.

    I really thought that Emily gelled well with the group. Previous ‘guest appearances’ have sometimes felt like there’s a discordant note. Not because of poor RP, just different styles. But Emily felt like one of the gang.

    Was the experience at the table something like that?

  4. Megan says:

    I really loved all of the Parks and Rec stuff 🙂

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