Rogue Trader Ep 4: The Price of Trade part 1 of 2

A year after their hellish adventure within a chaos infused ship, the crew of the shadow labyrinth gets a message. Someone has found their warrant of trade and is more than willing to return it, for a price.

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The Laundry Ep 1: Tea and Texans

The Mission: Enter Dallas Texas and investigate madness-inducing supernatural code. The Threats: Possible cultists, Impossible Other-worldly beings, and American agencies who don’t appreciate foreign agents on their soil. The Arsenal: Whatever equipment they could fit into the non-existent budget.

If this seems like a path to success, The Laundry has a job in upper management for you. You won’t do anything useful, but at least you get to make your employees life a living hell.

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Rogue Trader Ep 2: Xenos Night Out part 1 of 3

With the Capt and Void Master busy with other matters on a neighboring ship, the xenos crew members find themselves bored with nothing to do. Thankfully, a strange signal from the cargo hold will present them with a interesting, and somewhat snarky, package.

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