Dungeons and Dragons

123s of D&D Review

Looking for a gift for the geeky kid in your life? Don’t pass up The 123s of D&D, a delightful counting book that serves as a solid intro to what Dungeons & Dragons can be!

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TV Review: iZombie episode 309: Twenty-Sided, Die

Spoiler warning: This review contains spoilers for this week’s iZombie episode Twenty-Sided, Die. Meta spoiler alert: You’re not missing anything if you just read this review. It was a Bad Episode. If you follow me on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you be?), you probably know I’ve been hyped for a week about the iZombie episode…

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June Podcast Schedule

From this months game descriptions, we either just created a dimension hopping dinosaur wizard, or we are celebrating this month’s podcast schedule. Personally, I’m kinda hoping for the wizard.     June 5th The Strange We return to the story of our strange “heroes” visiting worlds for fun and profit.          …

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