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Comedy and the Podcaster

Podcasting is truly the people’s tool for reaching out to the world. All a person needs is a mic, a computer and some recording software and they can unleash their mouth-sounds onto an unsuspecting populace. Hell, the mic comes with the computer and the software is found on the internet for free, so I guess the required gear is: Computer, mouth-sounds.

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Making a Magic: The Gathering One Shot RPG – Part 1

Jesus shares with you how to create a Magic the Gathering One Shot Adventure and unleash it on your unsuspecting players.

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GTRT Ep 16: Picking Systems, Stealing Ideas & Deku vs Moira

5 Geeks, one Roundish table. On this weeks GTRT, we talk about choosing between a homebrew system vs smashing systems together, whether we have stolen ideas for our games, and who would win in a fight between Deku and Moira.

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