Unhallowed Metropolis: A Pound of Flesh Ep 4 part 1 of 2

With the courting of a lovely new woman and the invitation to a Masquerade ball, it looks like Byron may finally have a chance to rest after his last few weeks of troubles. Of course, he is going to have to first ensure his retinue of troublemakers don’t cause problems of their own.

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Supernatural: Tie Dyed Evil

The 70’s. A time of love, peace, war, and tie-dyed clothing. Sadly, not even the brightest rainbow-colored fabric can protect against the monsters of this world. It might make you a better target though.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Buried Memories

Even during Christmas, the Honey Oak retreat remains open to provide every amenity possible to alleviate the mental anguish of its rich and famous clientele. But what happens if that anguish is necessary? What if psychosis is a small price to pay for memories best left forgotten?

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