Even during Christmas, the Honey Oak retreat remains open to provide every amenity possible to alleviate the mental anguish of its rich and famous clientele. But what happens if that anguish is necessary? What if psychosis is a small price to pay for memories best left forgotten? Listen to other Billyverse Horror Games here Listen to our extensive list of games we have played for the podcast

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8 comments on “Chronicles of Darkness: Buried Memories

  1. 3rik says:

    Well done. That was pretty creepy!

    Throwing such a series of hallucinations at your players does run the risk of turning the game into a somewhat railroady experience. Not always a bad thing but moderation is probably key.

    Did the fire, the bleach and the heavily breathing shape under the blankets refer to specific events in the lives of the PCs in question?

  2. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Spoiler Questions:

    First of all, the fun of running my NWOD campaign is to not only put the players on their feet but to also put myself on my feet. So far, none of my campaigns have ever been planned out. I sort of make it up and see if I can tie it all together. So far, it’s been successful but I think I’m going to start actually planning these things out from now on. My head can’t take it anymore 😀

    I don’t recall the fire… so I don’t know. Wait! Fire from the laptop. I think what I was going for was how her drive to work all the time was what hurt her. She put her work above everyone, even herself. The fire was symbolism towards that, I think.

    The bleach was more of a metaphor towards the crap David’s character would put in his body.

    The heavily beathing shape involved a secret I gave David. The problem I realized is that we didn’t ever come out and fully and explain our secrets (I don’t think). His breathing shape under the blanket involved a scene I gave him prior to the game. His character woke up and saw the non-breathing form of someone in his bed – A dead hooker. He buried her, convinced she was dead and it wasn’t his fault. The breathing form was a symbolization of that lingering doubt that perhaps the hooker wasn’t dead. Something like that 😛

  3. Brimir says:

    Man, you’re so good at making a creepy atmosphere that you make me afraid of the dark. I should not listen to your nWoD games at night.

  4. 3rik says:

    It would be cool if we could download the creepy music you used but I guess that would be illegal?

  5. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    That it would.

  6. Barsher Da Barsher says:


    That is one of the songs I used. You can find it and buy if it you are interested. Some of the other stuff just came from me picking up some clips.

  7. 3rik says:

    The backwards one with the scream at the end was particularly effective.

  8. Will says:

    A belated thankyou note…

    It’s now been almost a year since I listened to this episode, at night, alone, with headphones, in an old barn on a stormy Welsh hillside.

    To all involved, thankyou for a memorable evening, which ended up with me completely freaked out, brandishing what I think was part of an old cartwheel at some very threatening shadows.

    Still makes me smile now.

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