DexCon 20 – Angela’s Con Report

Fandible spent another weekend this month in lovely Morristown, NJ attending our very first DexCon, the premiere Double Exposure convention of the year. Like Dreamation before it, we had a great time. I played a wider variety of games than I have before, and just had a great time all around. Here’s the rundown of what I played…

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How Does That Make You Feel?

The fun thing about role-playing a superhero is that we don’t only deal with the melodrama and the “you’ll never get away with this!” speeches, but the most potent of interactions that let you peek at the inner workings of a person: Awkward silences. It’s with this in mind I want to tell you about a LARP I played in called “Dr. Dolotts” and how five chairs, a ticking clock and dead silences led me to love playing supers more than ever.

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