New World Of Darkness

Chronicles of Darkness: Off the Rails Part 1 of 2

Welcome to New York City. A chance encounter with a pickpocket leads four visitors into the depths of the city where they will realize that while the city never sleeps… something has been sleeping underneath it. And it’s starting to stir…

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Chronicles of Darkness: The Long Drive, Ep 2 Part 2 of 2

After a message from the dark, the three friends begin doubting each other. Can they watch their own backs while also keeping an eye out for dangers ahead? Or will their suspicious break them apart? 

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Chronicles of Darkness: Venerable Light

Trigger warning: This game deals with themes revolving around the holocaust. Listener discretion advised.

Well past their primes, three lonely residents of a quiet nursing home find that they must survive the aftermath of a dark history.

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SCP: Twisted Den 1 of 2

The SCP Foundation protects the world from entities, locations and objects whose very existence violate natural law. Sometimes the price in lives is a heavy one, but the various threats, collectively known as SCP’s, do not allow for mercy or pity. There is only survival or death.

One such SCP has shown itself in Brooklyn and a team of foundation agents must discover the true extent of the threat before it can possibly destroy the foundation itself.

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Insane in the Membrane – Sanity in RPGs

How has the “sanity meter” best been used in video games and RPGs? From Eternal Darkness to God Machine Chronicles, Billy takes a look.

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