Fandible’s Top Five NPCs!

As we arrive at SEVEN years old podcasting, Billy takes time to list out his favorite Fandible NPCs of all time!

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Like – Love – Hate: Why Bubblegumshoe Creates the Best NPCs

I picked up Bubblegumshoe on a whim earlier this summer. I’d played only a scant handful of Gumshoe games, and while I have a well documented love for coming of age YA fiction, the “teen detective” genre hadn’t left a strong impression on me. But I love Evil Hat’s work in general, and I was intrigued by a game that very explicitly discourages violence as a problem solving method, so into my DriveThruRPG cart it went.

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How to Play a Female NPC

Any time the subject of adding more female characters to an RPG campaign comes up, there are a few well meaning people who say they’re worried about adding women. They don’t want to get it wrong, after all. Here’s a handy guide from Fandible on how to build and play a female NPC.

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