Space marine

Rogue Trader Ep 10: Turning Point part 2 of 2

After a fairly eventful trip through the warp, the crew initiates its plans to enter the facility thought to contain potential space marines.

What they find inside will show them the depths of Daniel Kunan’s depravity and makes the crew realize that the fight against Daniel Kunan may not have a happy ending.

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Rogue Trader Ep 10: Turning Point part 1 of 2

For the first time, the crew goes on a mission not for profit or adventure, but an end to a potential threat. The crew of Shadow Labyrinth begin their journey to the point of no return, where they have to finally decide who they are, who they want to be, and what they really believe in.

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Rogue Trader Ep 9: Birth of Enemies part 2 of 2

Till now, Renaldo has been a master warrior, a master diplomat, and a master trader. But now, with his plans coming into fruition, he is ready to show friend and foe alike that a true Rogue Trader must also be a master manipulator.

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Deathwatch Ep 4: The Final Chapter part 2 of 2

From the beginning, Boudiccia has been a pariah. A freak of nature in the eyes of those who would use her for their own ends. Chasing her creators, she might finally understand who she is and what she needs to be free. On the other hand, she might find that death might be a simple mercy compared to what the universe has planned for her.

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Deathwatch Ep 3: Test of Purity

As a way to appease those who would question Boudicca’s loyalty, the marines head to a Shrine-world to undergo a test of purity. Sadly, even this planet of imperial worship is not free from the dark whispers of chaos.

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Rogue Trader Ep 6: Captive Sun

Called by promises of unknown xenos artifacts, the explorers begin a journey that will send them from the depths of a starving hive to the planet of a dead race above a captured star.

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