The Accord: A Rotted Capes Alliance

[Featured Image: Origin Art by Gareth Simpson. The zombification and torn uniform is my doing]

You are being offered a lifeline.

For too long, our past has kept us anchored to this broken world. Past mistakes and old scores keep us from focusing on the present so we can safeguard our future. While we must never forget our past, we must learn to forgive it. If not for our sake, then for the sake of our collective culture. The world is broken, and if we do not stop fighting over the remaining shards, all that will be left of us will be the spilled blood.

You are being offered a lifeline.

The Accord is in the present. It has learned from the mistakes of the past, but it refuses to be shackled to best-forgotten ideologies and beliefs. Old hatreds have been replaced with new allegiance. At this point in time, the Accord’s only goal is to make sure mankind not only survives this broken world but reclaims it and molds it into a better world than before.

You are being offered a lifeline.

By joining the Accord, all past crimes are forgiven but not forgotten. Regardless of what side of the law you were on before Z-Day, by signing with the Accord, the Accord agrees to forfeit their right to justice for those crimes. In exchange for this forgiveness, all past ideologies and behavior counter-productive to the Accord’s mission will be forfeit. Failure to abide by this rule will mark you as a danger to the Accord. If the behavior is not corrected in an agreed upon time, your past crimes will be rebranded to you and all appropriate punishment will be applied.

You are being offered a lifeline.

Joining with the Accord means you serve your community first, and the Accord second. Supplies will not be taken from your community without permission. Those who do actively trade supplies, skills, personnel, and resources will be given proper compensation for their trade and will be provided additional protection by the Accord.

While the Accord understands that your community will be your first concern, the Accord will not allow for infighting between groups, communities, or members. By signing with the Accord, you agree to the following:

  1. All Accord members will be provided a safe haven within your community. This does not require anything more than a place for which to hitch a tent.
  2. Discrimination is not accepted. Sexism, Racism, Meta-phobia, Homophobia, and so on and so forth will not be tolerated. These are relics of the world that runs counterproductive to the Accord’s mission.
  3. Slavery is not accepted in any form. Neither is indentured servitude. Prisoners may volunteer their time and abilities but they cannot be forced into labor.
  4. Execution of prisoners is not permitted without the Accord’s approval.
  5. All meta-humans must register with the Accord. The Accord understands the past fears concerning registration. However, given that the Z-Virus can turn our greatest meta-heroes into weapons, we must be knowledgeable to their existence and powers.
  6. Working with Super Z’s in any way will immediately expel you from the Accord. You will be marked as a permanent enemy of the Accord.
  7. Any attacks on other communities within the Accord will result in punishment. This punishment can range from anywhere from heavy fines to expulsion from the Accord.
  8. Only the leadership of the Accord can induct new communities into the Accord. Individuals may join a community without consulting the Accord leadership.
  9. Those seeking revenge on past crimes done prior to joining the Accord will be punished. This punishment can range anywhere from fines to expulsion from the Accord.
  10. Cannibalism within the Accord is strictly prohibited. Anyone being caught performing such an act will be treated like the undead clawing at our walls.
  11. Unjust assault of any kind, including murder and robbery, will not be tolerated in the Accord. Marauders and barbarians were the results of a broken world. We are better than this.  
  12. Those who betray or abandon the Accord will never be allowed back into the Accord. This rule may be overruled if the majority of the Accord votes for forgiveness.

You are being offered a lifeline

There seems to be more written but the pages have been ripped out from Torchlight’s journal.

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