The Diary of Zap MacGuffin. Entry 1: Ka-Cha

Hollow Earth Expedition

Hollow Earth Expedition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is a journal kept by the adventurer Zap MacGuffin following his encounter with, and transport via, quicksand.

Day 1: Dear Diary, I don’t know how to break this to you, but I am apparently standing in quicksand. What rotten luck! The Professor mumbled something about vibrations affecting the saturated sand particles and how that meant I shouldn’t move, but before he could help me out of this mess he was distracted by something shiny. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to figure out a solution using the old noggin. Oh MacGuffin, you really got yourself in a pickle this time!

Day 2: Dear Diary, I fell asleep while thinking of a way to escape and plain fell down into a tunnel! Or fell up, as it were, since this crazy place is technically upside down. Well, I’ll leave such thoughts to men of science because I’ve got bigger problems! I’m going to look for a way out of this place. Wish me luck!

Day 3: Dear Diary, I’ve been rescued! Friendly mantis people have taken me to their home and given me shelter and food. Wow, and I thought only the good old U S of A was known for its hospitality. Well, I think I’ll rest up here and be on my way in the morning.

Day 4: Dear Diary, today I tried to leave but the nice mantis people wouldn’t let me! At first I thought I was in a heap of trouble, but then they made me their king! They put me in a private room that’s barred off from the rest of the village with two standing guards for my protection, and they bring food to my room so that I don’t have to go out of my way. There was a big to-do when I was put in here, what with the crowd of happy mantis people all looking at me, so I guess they’re pretty excited about it!

Day 5: Dear Diary, I’ve been given a royal name: Ka-cha, which I can only guess means “revered leader” or something along those lines. I’ve always been keen to nicknames, so all hail Ka-cha!

Day 6: Dear Diary, today my loyal subjects adorned me in bright fancy feathers and leaves, all to better see me from a distance. They’ve also manacled my hands to keep me from burdening myself with reaching for anything. I gotta say, that’s pretty swell of them! Now we’re going somewhere!

Day 7: Dear Diary, today is my first day as an emissary for the mantis people (which I will rename the Kingdom of Ka-cha upon my royal return.) We seem to be headed to a town! It’s going to be my first time publicly representing my new mantis friends. Neat!

To hear more of Zap’s adventures, be sure to tune in to Hollow Earth Expedition: THE SHIPWRECK SHUFFLE


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