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The Origins Game Fair is a yearly gaming convention near Billy’s hometown in Columbus, Ohio. He and I have been there a few times, and Daniel even joined us for the first-ever Fandible Road Trip a few years ago (holy crap, we’ve been gaming together long enough to reference our history in terms like “a few years”!). It’s a fun, busy weekend of gaming. One of the highlights of the convention are the Origins Awards for achievements in table-top, mini-, and board game design. This year’s nominees were announced this week, and it’s a wide and varied group! And of course, since Fandible plays a wide and varied group of games, we’ve played a few of these and podcasted them for you to listen to.

Best Roleplaying Game:

  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying The city of Tarnation, New Jersey is not know for its epic heroes or despicable villains. Truth be told, most of the super powered beings are there just there to be left alone, or simply cause more trouble then they are worth. So it’s a surprise to everyone when an inter-dimensional visitor decides to make problems for everyone.
  • Monsterhearts Two special guest GMs take us into a world of teen angst and monsters as we dive hormones first into Monsterhearts. Will these monsters find their own place in the world, or will darker forces guide their paths?

Not sure if you can get more different than those two games, at least of the games released in 2012! And if you haven’t listened to them already, it’s not much of a spoiler to tell you we had very different kinds of fun with both of them. We always love getting comments on our older games, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment even if the session was posted months before! And of course, leave us a comment here with your favorites of the nominated games and predictions for this year’s awards.


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