They Came from Beneath the Sea: The Things That Slither 2 of 2

Surrounded by a deadly mist, the small town residents must figure out a way to escape the horrible creatures that reside within it.

Intro Music: Classic Horror 1 by Kevin Macleod (
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11 comments on “They Came from Beneath the Sea: The Things That Slither 2 of 2

  1. Fatbaldhobbit says:

    Excellent, as always! Having backed the kickstarter, I was looking forward to these two episodes. Thanks!

  2. CZGrey says:

    That was pretty cool! I’m kinda sad I wasn’t able to back it at the time it came out. Onyx Path sure seems to be doing some interesting stuff .

    As I understand , their Trinity Continuum series is also utilizing the Story path system . Do you guys have any plans on playing any of those games (at the moment I think it’s just the base core book and Aeon that are out, but Aberrant should be Kickstarting some time soon and maybe Adventure! as well) in the future ?

  3. StruggleBus says:

    Nice work on the investigative story. How did the idea of having two of the players being part of the same family come up? It seems like a rare dynamic to have in a one shot and the closest other example I can think of is Moira and Byron but even that had a much different dynamic.

  4. Billy says:

    A lot of creature features usually have a sheriff and the sheriff’s kid. So, while I was making the characters, those are two tropes I opted to do. I had a mad man, a mad doctor turned science teacher, and then the sheriff and son/daughter.

    Since this was a one shot, I made the characters and just had people raise their hand when they heard something they liked đŸ˜€ They knew in advanced that the sheriff and the kid were related and Angela and David weren’t quick enough to pick the others.

  5. Davey No-Dice says:

    To answer the question about Trinity: Oh absolutely. I loved the settings of Aeon, Aberrant and Adventure! (Does anyone remember that last one?) One of the helpful things for this game was Billy asking if this game shared anything with Trinity and us briefly comparing notes for the two settings. I can’t wait to run Trinity for the group, but Billy sets an unfairly high standard with this game.

  6. Duckmu says:

    Excellent episode as always. But I have to specifically call out Billy’s reference to City of Heroes. I loved that MMO, so thank you for that Billy.

  7. PhoenixScientist says:

    Interesting system. I would like to hear another story. Love when you guys can do the ‘creature of the week/month’s.

  8. Jay Booth says:

    An interesting storyline, fun characters, and more accents than players. The recipe for a master podcast.

  9. Fabian says:

    Question about this RPG: does it always have to be undersea monsters, or is it adaptable to other kinds of creature features, like, ATTACK OF THE WOLFMAN! (not a real film… probably) or something of that nature?

  10. Billy says:

    There is no reason why you can’t fight Wolfpeople from Nebraska! Or the Moleman of Montant! It’s easily able to handle such!

  11. Erik Fredrickson says:

    City of Heroes is back!!

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