Very Late October news

So, in hindsight, posting something like this in the middle of October is not the best timing, but the rules of podcasts are not for mortal men!!!! Plus, you know, things to do and all that.

Since it is October, the Fandible crew has decided to run the unusual thing of posting what games we plan to post this October. Usually impossible due to the tight constraints of dragon law, but October being the month of horror means horror games are a necessity in these troubling times.

Agents of Indigo is done and if you haven’t listened to it yet, its billy doing Horror, you cant ever go wrong with that.

October 19th Angela shall GM the horror mantle in the world of hunters and monsters known as supernatural.

October 26th shall be I, Jesus, GM’ing space horror game Machine Zeit.

Have a fun October listeners!

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1 comment on “Very Late October news

  1. Thelastarchitect says:

    This is awesome! It’s great knowing exactly what to look forward too! 😀

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