How Wargames Inspire My Writing.

As I stated in my Lore in Miniatures Gaming blog post in March, I’ve started crafting weekly short stories on my Youtube channel about various wargames. Initially, I started it because I love diving into the lore of tabletop worlds. Something about these places steeped in conflict made me want to write about them. Whether as short fiction or descriptions of important places or moments in its history.

As I continued writing, I also began to realize that this was different from my other writing projects. Like all young(ish) writers, I always imagine putting the numerous ideas I have onto the printed page. But, also like all young(ish) writers, I think up a million excuses not to do so. Or something distracts me while I’m working on a project, making me lose the momentum I had when initially trying to write.

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This video project however felt different. I found myself loving these short stories I cobbled together and I really didn’t want it to be another thing I put to the wayside. So, I decided to turn this simple idea I updated haphazardly to a weekly writing exercise. Almost like a homework assignment I gave to myself to become a better writer.

Thankfully, war games give plenty of opportunity to inspire, since there are some great games you can play wars such as CSGO, you can even go online and buy cs:go skins if you really want to invest in the game. The best stories come from great conflicts after all. Not just stories of battles, but stories of differing points of view or beliefs. These conflicts, whether between corporations in the far future or nations in the distant fantasy past, inspire ideas about what these people may feel about their circumstances or their enemy.

Whether it be a short story about a truly evil and monstrous race.

To a simple description of the various homes of strange steampunk dwarves.

If you’re interested in my quest to become a better writer, I write these short stories every week on my Youtube channel. Currently stories take place in various tabletop wargames like Age of sigmar and Warmachine, however I do on occasion dabble in other mediums like video games. And the collection may grow as I continue to work on the channel.

So I ask you guys, what war gaming or video gaming lore inspires you? What makes you want to take up a pen add your own unique vision to the universe?

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Jesus “Arvandus” Rodriguez is the founder and website tweaker of the Fandible podcast. When he isn't out creating imaginary worlds for his players, he also runs a youtube channel where he writes short fiction in various fictional worlds.

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