This week, we play We are the Cartoon Heroes. A RPG created by Fandible member Jesus. In it, you randomly create cartoon heroes who face off against the machinations of an evil villain. If you’re interested in the game, please consider purchasing it from our patreon.

Special thanks to the wonderful improvisers Katie Hammond Daniel Tepper, Becky Goodman & Cadence Owensby for playing. Links to their social media and upcoming shows below.

Cadence Owensby

Upcoming shows: June 1st Something Wonderful

Social Media: Website Instagram Twitter

Becky Goodman

Upcoming show: June 8th Band: The Story of Band!

Social Media: Instagram Youtube

Katie Hammond & Daniel Tepper

Upcoming show: June 28th What Town? The Musical

Katie Social Media: Website Instagram

Daniel Social Media : Website Instagram

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8 comments on “We are the Cartoon Heroes

  1. William Todd says:

    do yo have a pdf of this? if you dont please make one.

  2. Angela says:

    We do! It’s on a Patreon! Anyone who backs at the $5 Tier gets access to our monthly Notebooks!

  3. William Todd says:

    so i have to pay five to get it?

  4. William Todd says:

    i never really back one before, do i have to pay 5 every mouth?

  5. William Todd says:

    can you at list give me a link.

  6. Billy says:

    Here is a link to the Patreon:

    You don’t need to pay five dollars every month if you don’t want too. But we release a Notebook every month. So if you pay for this month, you can go back and download all the Notebooks from past months. And once you’ve paid your initial 5 dollars, you can then cancel and not get charged for the following month. So you’d have a month of the 5 Dollar Tier.

  7. CallmeIsma3l says:

    Fun game, I’ll definitely have to download it from the notebook. This flock of reformed criminal birds, of various types and lethality only really made me think of one thing: if you have a murder of crows, is it now in manslaughter of Crohn’s or a misdemeanor of crows?

  8. Jay Booth says:

    I heard the title, and this is all I could think of.

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