When Honeybadger Found Me

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Deku: Hey Foisie. Look what slipped out of one of Granik’s bags. [Attachment: Photo]

When Honey Badger found me
I had failed again
The drugs took hold and my eyes wept red
but my life refused to end.

Honey Badger started talking
His words full of wisdom and sass
For something that doesn’t give a shit
It sure could be an ass

Honey Badger then told me
Of monsters plying their trade
I should give my death some worth
And make some killers fade

Honey Badger watched me
As I worked magic upon some heads
By the end of that special night
I was the only one who wasn’t dead.

Honey Badger then told me
of another place to die
I walked on over the next night
and lit up the sky

Honey Badger kept showing me
places full of strife
But each night it was the same
I was always the only one with life

I soon learned Honey Badgers trick
A clever plan I will admit
It was trying to teach me
I shouldn’t give a shit

I shouldn’t give a shit
about the life I had before
The wounded hearts and broken lives
Don’t matter anymore

Now I run the shadows
my trade is magic and lives
And I have Honey Badger to thank
for being too stubborn to die

But I am no simple fool
I know my past will come to roost
My sins are much too great
For Karma to give me a boost

And when those sins come calling
And Judgement comes to sit
I will look it in the face

Foisie: Deku, we don’t go around snoopin’ into our teammates stuff, even if it is embarrassin’ poetry.

Also, you sent this message to group not private.


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Jesus “Arvandus” Rodriguez is the founder and website tweaker of the Fandible podcast. When he isn't out creating imaginary worlds for his players, he also runs a youtube channel where he writes short fiction in various fictional worlds. https://www.youtube.com/c/ArvandusTheStoryteller

2 comments on “When Honeybadger Found Me

  1. MDMann says:

    What will be Graniks revenge? Who knows, but I’m sure it will involve honey and feathers.

  2. When will we see the delightful criminals again?

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