Captured by the government to do their dirty work, four super villains must assault the citadel of a despot to capture a unknown prize.

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9 comments on “Aberrant: Imposed Anarchy

  1. Mike says:

    I think there might be some *slight* holes in the system…

  2. Mike says:


  3. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Bullets! My only weakness! How did you know? Oh, you partake one Fandible too? ….damn.

  4. BaronDiamon says:

    Who made this mess of a website? I don’t remember this mess being here a minute ago.

    That was endlessly funny.

    My only weakness, peasants – fired en masse.

  5. Spencinator says:

    Hey Billy, just wanted to let you know Onyx Path Publishing picked up the Trinity Continuum (including Aberrant) in 2012, and as far as I’m aware it’s still in development. So there’s a fair chance for a revival of Aberrant

  6. NateD says:

    30 seconds in; VERY happy this exists.

  7. Thelastarchitect says:

    Based on the comments on the limits of non-combat skills and other system issues you might really want to consider Mutants & Masterminds. It’s simple and you can build anything with it. Also despite being a d20 system it isn’t a combat-only type deal like Aberrant seems to be from your comments on it.

    Anyway, great and funny podcast. I always love when you guys do super(heroe)s! 😀

  8. Honeybearius says:

    I second the idea of a Scion one shot. Very interested in seeing what you guys make of that.

  9. Mawdrigen says:

    My weakness…hmmm…

    Hazelnuts delicious, but oh so urk.. Choke…. Thud.

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