Agents of Indigo: Locked Future part 1 of 2

Using a modification of Hollow Earth Expedition and the Ubiquity System, Billy leads us to a world of corporate agents who protect society from weird science. Will three agents discover the origins of a temporal disturbance that wiped out a small town or will they be stuck in a place that time forgot?

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9 comments on “Agents of Indigo: Locked Future part 1 of 2

  1. Thelastarchitect says:

    Good game, surprised no one said “we need to get ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE!” 😛

  2. Minds Eye Laboratories says:

    Absoluteky awesome campaign setting, loving the idea of Indigo both as a backdrop and a as a company. Well done Billy and the one shot was a blast to listen to as always.
    I would love running your Agents of Indigo setting in my own homebrew system, sir.

  3. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    We at fandible are always pro-homebrew systems! By all means, run an Agent of Indigo campaign. Tell us how it goes. And heck, maybe show us some of that homebrew goodness?

  4. Minds Eye Laboratories says:

    Even as I write this, I’m beginning to gather some ideas for a campaign and play-test, using my own Role playing System, which, I’m proud to say is almost finished before I will be starting a kick starter campaign, for art work and layout and the like. But I’m curious as to how Indigo would work here in Canada? Are there any basic ideas of infrastructure or how they would remain anonymous; The Sindicate’s style from X-Files or something a little more open. That’s one thing I was curious about while listening.

    Obviously I can extrapolate a lot on my own and with my group but I’m curious what the man behind the game has to say on these things. I’ve been especially wondering about technology, are there any particular gadgets and gizmos you’ve thought of to include into the AoI universe or perhaps, aliens.

    I eagerly await your response, sir.
    Keep on gaming and keep up the great ideas Fandible.

  5. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    I would say that the Agents are more corporate than anything else. Because of all their contributions to government and such, they are able to get away with a lot. With the technology that has been taken, it’s easy for them to get fake IDs when they need them and build entire histories. Most of the time, in first world counties, this isn’t necessary since they have heavy ties into the government via a number of reasons.

    The gadgets that are taken are items that would change the world in such a way that the world/laws/people couldn’t adjust without chaos. One of the ideas I brought up was a car that ran on water. Imagine a world where that came out! While it would be amazing, our economy would change over night. Wars could spring up because people no longer needing the oil from the Middle East. Even in America, companies would pretty much just go flat over night, resulting in a huge stock market drop because those companies are tied to unrelated companies.

    It’s a domino effect. The Indigo Corporation isn’t about keep technology away from humanity forever. It’s just about slowly dwindling down those dominoes until there are few left so the after effect of a technologies release isn’t bad.

    No one knows much about the people behind Indigo Technologies. They do have a public board but it is clear that these folks are just figure heads. In truth, there is a second board behind that one. And behind them, a woman of incredible age that goes by the name (To those who are even allowed to know this much) Miss Lovelace.

    Tech in the Vault?

    * Plasma Pistols
    * Hover-packs
    * Artificial Intelligence (Miss Lovelace is very clear on collecting an AI from the world and keeping it).
    * (Failed) time manipulation devices (Though one or two seemed to work at the end of the campaign…)
    * Statis Chambers
    * Anti-Age chemicals.

    Pretty much all strange science. Even stuff from the early 1900s such as fuel-guzzling jet packs and stun guns can be found in the older sections of the vault. I’d like to think a lot of inventions from Telsa himself are kept hidden away from even the agents 😀

    I would say no to the aliens because I think it takes away from them as a whole. Though, honestly, I won’t say they don’t have some of the things that fell out of the sky in Roswell. Though, as their scientist speculate, it could be anything from a failed temporal craft to something to Soviets were testing out.

    I hope all that helped. Any more questions? I love coming up with this stuff

  6. Brian Rogers says:

    You should check out a webcomic called Skin Horse. It’s about a government agency that seeks out the creations of mad science, like killer robots or zombies, or in one case, a sentient swampland. Then they offer them jobs and services. They are Black Ops Welfare. Anyway, the other departments in Skin Horse’s building are great, including the Department of Precambrian Defense, and the Department of Jetpack Suppression.

  7. John Swan says:

    I actually ran my own Agents of Indigo game using the Cypher System. It actually worked well as Cyphers have so many wacky applications that they work well as “One Shot” mad science devices. For more permanent stuff you can use Artifacts instead. The group did 3 missions before scheduling conflicts ended the game. These included:

    1. A high school football team who was at the low end of the league becoming super-athletes that could overpower any competition. They found out a Mad Doctor had created a genetic retrovirus that allowed fast healing, enhanced muscle growth and stamina but likewise required those infected to consume huge amounts of food or burn out and die.

    2. A crazy man calling himself “Nortus, Master of Wind” was flying around in a city fighting crime. He had literal wind powers that allowed him to fly at 100 MPH, shoot blasts of wind and create an air-shield that made him difficult to hit with attacks. They found out it was a Greek-dedicated comic book fan that had developed powerful Aerokinetic abilities.

    3. The last mission the PC’s went on was an actual “Pulse” event. A town became surrounded by a massive electrical EMP storm that prevented anything electronic from functioning in the area and from out of the storm came hordes of these ball-like creatures with laprey like-mouths who began attacking and eating people. They entered the town finding more of the puffballs as well as evil doppelganger children with green blood that could charm people to “Protect” them through touch. Eventually they found out the problem was caused by a Nibovian Wife that gave birth to an Ultraterrestial being that created the EMP storm and opened a portal to the Nibovian dimension allowing an invasion of earth from these beings. They managed to kill the Nibovian Wife, disrupt the Ultraterrestial’s EMP field and then had Indigo blow the building with a missile to destroy the creature and the portal.

  8. Barsha Da Barsha says:


    That’s awesome, dude! Those sound like some amazing stories, and I’m glad you used the Agents of Indego setting as a launching point!

  9. John Swan says:

    No, thank you for coming up with such an innovative setting. Sorry for not using it by the Ubiquity rules like you did. I do like the Ubiquity system a lot but the Cypher System gives so many options for player characters. I did adjust your setting somewhat though considering that adding the “Adept” into a Mad Science based setting was rather difficult without opening up the door to some kind of superhuman power source. Hence I also added “Psionics” as an additional feature into the world. They are rare but Indigo does seek to keep their existence under wraps and also recruits a number of them into their ranks. This became useful in many stages of the game as the Telepath in the party could read minds, erase people’s memories and also Mind Blast things to do mental damage to them. This became very useful when the Pulse happened because the Puffballs were pretty hard to hit due to being small and dexterous. It also helped ween out the Doppelganger children and help fight some of the chemical brainwashing they can do when they touch someone. In the end I enjoyed using the setting and I hope to run another campaign of it in the future with another group.

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