Science Fiction

Timewatch: The Hero Engine

The present is now a Greek-inspired cyberpunk dystopia, the agents must travel to ancient times to figure out what started an Alexandrian industrial revolution.

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Planet Mercenary: Uplifted Warfare

In Planet Mercenary, the new RPG based on the Schlock Mercenary comic, a down on their luck team of mercenaries are desperate for some coin after some unexpected downsizing. A slowly building civil war may be just the break they need. Thank you to Alan Bahr and Howard Tayler for allowing us to playtest Planet Mercenary – check out their Kickstarter, and check back soon for a special guest post from Alan reacting to our playtest experience.

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TimeWatch: Deja Boom part 1 of 2

The British empire has fallen a century to early. Its up to the members of Timewatch to figure out what happened before it’s to late. Although, is it ever too late? I mean, they are time travelers after all. Sigh, I have a headache.

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