In Planet Mercenary, the new RPG based on the Schlock Mercenary comic, a down-on-their-luck team of mercenaries are desperate for some coin after some unexpected downsizing. A slowly building civil war may be just the break they need. Thank you to Alan Bahr and Howard Tayler for allowing us to playtest Planet Mercenary – check out their Kickstarter, and check back soon for a special guest post from Alan reacting to our playtest experience.

Intro Music: Misuse by Kevin Macleod

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7 comments on “Planet Mercenary: Uplifted Warfare

  1. Mike says:

    There’s derailment, and then there’s Fandible derailment.

    Loved the game btw.

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    When I heard that Uplifted Animals where a thing in this game, I kept expecting an appearance from Doctor DuhNuh; Shark MD!

  3. Mawdrigen says:

    Ok that sounds awesome 🙂

    Now I need to scrape up money to back the kickstarter!

    Anyone need any kidneys?

  4. 7explorer says:

    Well, you’ve sold me on this! Listened to this a few days ago and have been reading the web comic since. Thank you for introducing to this wonderful story!

    P.S. – I believe I speak for most when I say “Please continue this game as a series! If not during the testing period’s many revisions (which I myself would not mind; being able to hear what another group thinks of changes, add-ins or remove material would be helpful), then certainly once the final product is released!”

    This has the potential to be Rogue Trader epic and I do not use that word lightly!

  5. Mawdrigen says:

    I have reached payday! I can now back this and try and get the cult to play a play test game! Yaaaay!

  6. Arvandus says:

    @Callmeishma3l there are plans….

    @7explorer I have been looking for another space campaign. Honestly, it looks like it might be this or it could be Fragged Empire ( Once I get the Fragged Empire book from the kickstarter, we will see how it goes.

    @Mawdrigen WOOT! Payday!

  7. Matz05 says:

    This was hilarious. I will be listening to more from this group, indeed!

    As soon as I heard the obvious Obenn (spelling? It’s been a long time since I read the comic) names in the PC list I knew it was going to be a good game.

    The system sounds really interesting, too!

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