Timewatch: Deja Boom part 2 of 2

The plot discovered the Timewatch agents head to the future to see if they can snag a rogue time traveler.

Intro Music: Time Travel by Krowne

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1 comment on “Timewatch: Deja Boom part 2 of 2

  1. Thelastarchitect says:

    I’ve got to say this was one of the funniest once-offs in quite a while. Also now I’ll never be able to divorce Time Watch & Part-Time Gods in my head, and they will always take place in the same universe to me now. 😛

    Side-note; Will Part-Time Gods be coming back? Pretty sure it wasn’t one of the series that survived the supposed planned reduction in new system, but I was just checking? Mainly because it was good fun to listen to, and partially because it’s the closest I’ll ever get to a ‘Mage: The Awakening’ Fanible game. 😛

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