Black Crusade

Black Crusade: Towerfall part 2 of 2

The acolytes of evil head to the imperial world of Corona and find that creating chaos may be a bitter harder then they thought. Rogue Trader Episodes Other Games

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Black Crusade: Towerfall part 1 of 2

4 agents of chaos must enter a inquisitorial tower and grab an alien artifact. Thankfully, like all heist films, everything goes according to plan.

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Black Crusade: Broken Chains

We dive into the darker side of warhammer 40k as the Fandible crew gives the Black Crusade pregen game a run through. Will playing evil characters be to much for these players, or will the call of the dark gods tempt them towards corruption.  Considering the players involved, I’m getting my “WELCOME TO CHAOS” bumper stickers ready.

*We had some bad audio issues with this session. We tried to clean it up as best as we could but there are some parts you may find it difficult to hear. I blame the dark gods*

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